Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas 2018

Hopping on to share a few snippets of our Christmas this year!  It was fun, busy, exciting & certainly one for the books.  Hope you had the merriest Christmas ever!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for Babies & Toddlers

I had several people ask if I was going to post a Christmas gift guide this year, so I wanted to pull together a handful of favorites to share! This includes some things we have & love already, as well as some items the girls are getting this year and some I’m filing away for future gift ideas.

My girls are not too picky when it comes to toys, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them not like something.  I’ve been trying to keep in mind a want, wear, read, need mentality but honestly am not sticking to just one thing per category. Playing Santa is just way too much fun and I am so excited to see my girls’ reactions on Christmas morning, especially Ellie who really gets it all this year!

Ells has her heart set on a microphone as well as this food truck... which, I realize is kind of geared more towards younger kids, but, a three year old wants what a three year old wants! :) She also seems very interested in board games, Barbies, play-doh, art supplies & bath bombs this year.

Lo loves books & babies, so I know there will be both of those under our tree for her this year.  She also likes our Little People collection (perfect for even tiny hands & mouths!), so I’m thinking that princess parade will be on her list as well.  Lo will stand on top of our toilet seat and play in the sink all day if I let her, so I know she'd be obsessed with this sink too. I haven't fully committed to the mess that would come along with it though - if you happen to have it, do you hate yourself a little bit for buying it??

Islie is obviously way too little to even know what’s going on this year.  She has quite the collection of toys being passed down to her, but she will have a few small gifts & her stocking on Christmas morning.   We're thinking a little bit of cash put away for her might be the best option to even the playing field, so to speak.  I'm sure she'll appreciate it much more one day anyway. :)

Our play kitchen is one of the toys my girls continue to play with most, and they also still love their piggy rocker (not sold anymore, but similar here).  They love playing in their princess tent, which is very affordable and can definitely withstand some toddler abuse. ;)  Also, this grocery store is the cutest thing ever and know my girls would get so much use out of it - maybe next year!

If you're interested in Hunter boots, I grabbed Ellie's current pair last Black Friday at Nordstrom for about $35, so I’d check there for a sale this year.  She wears them pretty much every day, definitely worth the money!

I could honestly go on and on, but I hope this helps! I can’t believe we’re not much more than a month away from the big day! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Family Photos 2018

We just got our annual family photos taken and I have to hop on and share some of my favorites!  This is the second year in a row that we have a new baby girl in our photos and I love how our family of five was captured.  These are always some of my favorite pictures to look back on, there's something extra special about getting all of us together in the same ones.  :)

A huge, huge thanks to Adrienne who went above and beyond for our (not so) mini session!  She's the best and so sweet with our girls, we can't recommend her enough.
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