Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Friday!

When my alarm goes off in the morning, my first thought is always "do I have to go?", followed quickly by "what day of the week is it?".  And when it's Friday, I practically jump out of bed.  Ready to get to the weekend!

I seriously can't believe there are only TWO weekends left before the unofficial end of summer (I could have said "start of fall" instead, but I'm feeling a little glass half empty about this).  Summer is my  f a v o r i t e  season and I really wish it would stick around a little lot longer.  I've already seen leaves slightly changing on the trees, Halloween candy and fall decorations.  I love fall and the holidays, but what comes after is the worst (cold weather, driving on snowy roads, no leaves on the trees until MAY, dark at 4:00... overtime hours at work through April doesn't help either).  All that being said, I'm planning on soaking up as much of the season as I can in before it's gone for another year!

We have a few, what seem like endless, projects at our house to accomplish that I'm sure we will try to finish  (read: work on one while hoping they magically finish themselves) this weekend so we can start some more on the line up. ;)  I'm also hoping to get some backyard hammock-ing in under the lights.  I feel like we just hung these up and haven't gotten to enjoy them enough!

For Labor Day weekend, it looks like we'll be having/going to a few cookouts/parties with our families.  We're hoping to get that fire pit that we almost-bought-a-million-times-but-never-did before they're all sold out for the season (though Amazon might be the only choice at this point). We're also planning to hit up the drive-ins this weekend or next since we haven't been since high school and it's a pretty awesome summertime activity!  Both drive-ins in our area are having "retro" nights for the holiday weekend (showing old movies), which sounds pretty cool.  An ice cream stop wouldn't hurt either to round out the end of summer festivities - I never say no to ice cream! ;)

Here's to hoping the workday flies by and I'm home with the hubs, cold beverages in hand, before I know it! Have a great SUMMERY weekend!

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