Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vacation Recap

We got home last night after our 8 day getaway to Florida.  We thoroughly enjoyed doing not much of anything - sitting in the sun, sitting in the shade, swimming in the pool, riding the waves. ;)  We also did end up parasailing, going to Disney and going on a tour of Big Cat Rescue before we left.

The place where we stayed in Sarasota was awesome.  Our door was literally steps away from the beach and pool, making it very convenient to run back to our room for drinks/snacks, bathroom breaks, etc.  We rented "cabanas" for 3 days on the beach, which was well worth it.  It was hot down there, but totally fine when we could just relax in the water for hours!  There was also a one man band who played some sweet tunes (including some Jake Owen, Kenny Chesney and Neil Diamond -"Sweet Caroline") on Tuesday night.  We I danced like a crazy person on the beach as the sun went down.  My parents have been there before and it's no wonder they keep going back; we would go again in a heartbeat!

My sister, Whit, got a new waterproof camera right before we left so she was able to get some pretty cool pictures. Between the three of us, we took over 1,000 pictures this past week. I will just leave you with a couple twenty of my faves.

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