Saturday, November 15, 2014

14 Weeks

How far along:  14 weeks
Gender:  We won't find out until about 4 weeks from now.  I had a gut feeling it's a boy for a while, but am officially undecided after having a dream we found out Baby Noel is a girl.  The Chinese Gender Chart says boy, so we shall see!
Belly button in or out: In. I'm not going to lie, if and when this happens, I will be totally freaked out.  I have an irrational fear that my belly button is going to explode (at any time, not just while pregnant).  Totally weird, I know.
Maternity clothes: I bought my first two pairs of maternity pants this past week.  I'm wearing the jeans I got in the picture above.  Most of my work pants are fine, some of my jeans (other than super low-rise ones) can only be worn (comfortably) unbuttoned with a hair elastic keeping them up! ;)
Stretch marks: None yet! I bought Mama Bee Belly Butter and have been rubbing it on every morning. If nothing else, it makes my skin soft and I like that it doesn't smell like much of anything.
Sleep: Pretty good, other than the usual middle of the night cat feedings (wish I was kidding), and getting up to pee usually 2-3 times a night... Oy.
Best moment this week:  Other than officially entering the SECOND TRIMESTER (woo hoo!!), nothing too exciting happened this week. BUT I'm excited that Friday was my last week of hour+ long commutes, for a little while at least.  It's been a long four weeks.
Worst moment this week:  Forgetting to put salt in my chocolate chip cookies.  Seriously bummed.
Miss anything:  Not having to wake up to pee multiple times during the night.  And not waking up hungry enough to eat dinner for a family of four in the middle of the night.
Movement: Nothing yet. Other than what was likely my imagination the other day...
Cravings:  Nothing too specific lately!  Just "food in general" as Tyler says.
Queasy or sick:  Feeling good. :)
Looking forward to:  Celebrating Tyler's birthday tomorrow with his fam.  Chinese food and cake? Yes, please.  Also looking forward to my doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  Who would have thought I'd look forward to going to the doctor's??

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  1. You are seriously too cute! I was wondering if you had a feeling on what the sex was! I was going to ask you!!

    And, Happy Birthday to Tyler! :)


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