Saturday, November 22, 2014

15 Weeks

How far along:  15 weeks
Gender:  We officially find out on 12/17! Can't wait!!
Belly button in or out: In. 
Maternity clothes: Still only wearing the one pair of jeans I bought.
Stretch marks: None yet.
Sleep: Good, other than the couple nights this week that I woke up around 2 am and couldn't fall back asleep.  Couldn't shut my brain off.
Best moment this week:  Hearing Baby N's heartbeat again, for sure!  I would go to the doctor every week just to do that if I could. Need to get my hands on one of those dopplers..
Worst moment this week:  Having the worst headache ever one night that had me in bed at 6:30 pm. Or, the three times the phone rang when I was trying to sleep off my headache.
Miss anything:  What I would give for a sandwich... I'm not usually one to really want deli meat, so I think this is one of those wanting something you know you can't have things.  I already warned Tyler that I'll probably be asking for a grinder as one of my first post-baby meals. ;)
Movement: Debatable.  I've definitely felt some subtle things that don't seem familiar to me.  Though, at this point, I guess that's not that out of the ordinary.
Cravings:  Same as last week.  If candy counts, chewy sprees got the best of me at the grocery store.
Queasy or sick:  Feeling good, unless I get overly hungry.
Looking forward to:  Thanksgiving.  And 5 glorious days off from work in a row.  Our plans currently include: sleeping, eating, decorating our Christmas tree & watching Christmas Vacation for the first time of the season.  Exciting stuff!

Here are some outtakes from our photo session with my favorite little furbabies.  They're excited for their new little brother or sister, even if they don't look it. ;)

And because Tyler's birthday was on Monday, a belated Happy 
Birthday to my best friend! :)

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