Sunday, November 9, 2014

Announcing Baby Noel

Tyler & I are BEYOND EXCITED to announce that we're expecting our first Baby Noel in May 2015!! We are thrilled to be starting this next chapter in our lives!

We found out on Labor Day (9/1/14).  I had a gut feeling that it could be it but was also in a little bit of denial that this could actually be happening.  I decided to try to take a test first thing in the morning even though I thought it might be a little early in the week to know.  I was seriously just about to throw the test in the trash when I saw the second pink line show up on the screen - I was so surprised, I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out of my head.  

Tyler was still asleep so I went in to wake him up.  I stood there staring at him for a minute like a total creep, went back into the bathroom to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, and then finally went back in the bedroom. I shook him until his eyes opened and immediately shoved the pee stick in his face.  Upon his confirmation that I was, in fact, not just making things up, I started crying like a baby.  It was a tad overwhelming, but we were so excited!!

I ended up taking another test later that morning (for additional confirmation, of course) which clearly displayed "Pregnant" on the screen.  I also took another test 4 days later, just to be sure. ;)  The end result was all the same - we are going to have a BABY!

We waited until the following weekend to tell our parents and siblings, when we would see them in person.  Everyone's reactions were everything we hoped and more.

We told my family the day before my mom's birthday, so we got a special card for the Grammie-to-be from Baby Noel.   I also found this wine bottle label on etsy and picked up a bottle of champagne to wrap up with the card.

My mother-in-law's birthday had been the week before, so we just tried to pass off her gift as another birthday gift.  Luckily she didn't question why we were giving her another gift after we had already celebrated the weekend before. ;)  Tyler and I picked out a couple baby-related items at Target and wrapped them up in a cute bag.

Of course we got it all on video, so here it is for your viewing pleasure! :)

I am certainly no video-editor, but I think you'll all get the point. ;)

Finally, I leave you with my 12 & 13 week bump photos from the past two weeks.  I am going to try to remember to take a picture every week (we'll see how that goes).


  1. Literally teared up watching those videos. The pure joy in your families reactions- priceless. What an incredible video! Couldn't imagine two better people to be parents!! Congratulations again!


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