Saturday, February 7, 2015

26 Weeks

How far along:  26 weeks
Gender:  Girl
Belly button in or out: Same as last week.
Maternity clothes:  Still the same!  Making the non-maternity shirts last as long as possible.
Stretch marks: None yet. 
Sleep: Sleep this week wasn't great being away from home.  Apparently I sleep better in a queen size bed with Tyler, 3 cats, and a body pillow the size of a third (adult) human than I do all by myself in a king size bed. ;)
Best moment this week: Coming home last night!  A close second was Tyler's reaction to the Patriots winning the Super Bowl (or more so when Butler intercepted the ball) - just a little excited!
Miss anything: Nothing new, just the usual.
Movement:  Yes.  She also seems to enjoy completely squishing whatever is under the right side of my rib cage.
Cravings:  Still loving anything sweet.  The turkey burger I got this week also really hit the spot.
Queasy or sick:  Feeling good.
Looking forward to:  Hopefully actually starting to work on Ellie's room soon!  As everyone keeps reminding me, 14 weeks isn't that far away. :)

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