Saturday, March 7, 2015

30 Weeks

How far along:  30 weeks
Gender:  Girl
Belly button in or out: Out.
Maternity clothes:  Still a mix.  I pretty much just rotate the same outfits week after week, but I'm okay with that.
Stretch marks: None yet. 
Sleep: Pretty good.
Best moment this week: Finding out I passed my glucose tolerance test was a pretty good one.  I really didn't want to go back for the second round. I've also been waiting for Gap to come out with some new summery stuff and they finally did - including this ice cream one-piece, which will more likely than not find it's way into Ellia's closet. :)
Miss anything:   Energy. Getting out of breath from hardly doing anything is not a great feeling.
Movement:  Lots of movement whenever I'm driving. It's always the extra weird, trying to crawl out of my skin feeling, movements too.
Cravings:  Really enjoying fruit - grapefruit and strawberries this week.
Queasy or sick:  Same, extra sleepy and general uncomfortable-ness.
Looking forward to:  Hopefully getting some more nursery stuff picked out soon.  Also, I hate missing an hour on the weekend, but at least it'll still be light out when I leave work from now on. :)

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