Friday, March 20, 2015

32 Weeks

How far along:  32 weeks - officially in month #8!
Gender:  Girl
Belly button in or out: Out.
Maternity clothes:  Really hoping it warms up a little because I'm not sure how much longer my regular jackets are going to zip up for.
Stretch marks: Still nothing new, but I think a couple I had pre-pregnancy on my sides are getting darker and longer. Considering it took 32 weeks, I guess I can't complain too much.
Sleep: Sleep is good for the first few hours, then I'm up at like 1, 2, 3, 4 am... usually I need to go to the bathroom, and it's a struggle to decide whether to get up and disturb all of the creatures on the bed or just try to roll over until a cat pokes me in the face to wake me up, anyway.
Best moment this week: Getting some nice compliments from clients.  After hearing several variations of "you're getting so big" (um, thanks?) last week, getting told that I'm tiny (except for my belly) was nice...  Regardless of whether it's true. ;)
Miss anything:  Sleep.
Movement:  Yes but I can definitely tell she's getting more and more cramped in there. 
Cravings:  Adding ice water and extremely watered down raspberry lemonade to the list this week.
Queasy or sick:  Nothing new here.
Looking forward to:  Since it's the first day of spring (and obviously snowing), definitely looking forward to some actual spring weather! It'll be coming soon, right?

In other news, my baby boys are going to be FOUR on Monday. I can't believe it.  Seems like yesterday we had these two little men running around the house. :)

Happy Birthday to my first (fur) babies, Bradley & Colby! xo

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