Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Month of Ellia

I cannot believe Ellie is already a month old!  It's so crazy how time flies - I seriously feel like we brought her home from the hospital yesterday (or maybe last week, but still...).  Here's a little update on our baby girl:

Maybe she'll cooperate more with her two month pictures. ;)

Age: One month
Height: Approximately 20 inches (she was a little squirmy at the doctor's) - 30th percentile
Weight: 8 lbs 5.5 oz - 30th percentile
Clothing size: 0-3 months.  She outgrew her first newborn jammies at 3 weeks, 2 days - she got too long and couldn't stretch her legs out all the way.  Surprisingly, I didn't cry.
Diaper size: 1. We switched her from newborn to 1 around the same time as the clothes.  We ended up with some extra newborn diapers, but I felt bad trying to squish those little thighs in them any longer.  I told Tyler this means we need to have another baby soon so we can use those diapers up. He didn't even flinch.  ;)
Eating: Constantly?  Kidding, kind of.  Typically every 2-3 hours.   "Cluster feeding" at night around 9:00-midnight.  Doctor says she's "gaining weight like a weed" and she's starting to get some chub on her, so I guess we're doing something right!
Sleeping:  Not enough. :)  Lots of cat naps during the day still, but mostly if she's being held.  Lately I've been able to sleep a little with her in our bed during the day.   On a good night, she'll typically sleep from around midnight to 2:30-3ish, wake up to eat and then fall back to sleep for another 2ish hours.  I think I've maxed out at 5 hours of sleep/night, probably getting closer to 4 hours/night - I guess it could be worse (some nights definitely are!).   She sleeps in her Slumber & Soothe next to our bed.  Or she's supposed to at least... she is not pleased at being put in bed awake and unless she's near comatose will wake up as soon as I put her in (or really even think of putting her in).  She'll typically fall asleep while nursing and how long she sleeps in our bed with me depends on whether or not I fall asleep, too.  Not the best habit but at least I've gotten a little bit of extra sleep.  If she's not already there, I'll bring her in bed around the time Tyler leaves for work to eat and cuddle, and maybe take a quick nap.  I don't know if there's a typical time babies start sleeping in their own room, but I have no immediate plans to move her.  It's just so easy to reach over to get her when she cries at night. Plus, I might be a little too attached to let her go just yet. ;)
Favorite toys:  She hasn't shown much interest in anything until recently - her activity mat and these links are all she has really cared about so far.  And by cared about, I mean she'll quietly stare at them for 5 minutes.
Loves:  Being held. Eating.  Naps (with someone - she's an excellent cuddler!). Getting her hair washed (she seems pretty indifferent about taking a bath, but really likes getting her hair washed).  Sleeping on her belly or side.  Cuddles, cuddles, more cuddles...  

Ellie is a really good baby - typically very chill, unless she's hungry.  She doesn't mind diaper changes and usually falls asleep in the car or just stares out the window.  She rolls over from her back to her belly no problem, and tries really hard to roll back the other way.  She's also working on holding her head up and not slamming it down so violently. ;) She's been smiling since day one, but I think we're still waiting for a "real" smile.  She also giggles a lot in her sleep, which cracks me up.  Who knows what she's thinking about. She also just started pulling her own hair and screaming - not sure what that's about.  Also, everyone comments about her hair.  It is pretty cute, isn't it? :)

Happy one month, baby girl!  Can't wait to keep watching you grow!

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