Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bridal Shower Baskets + Date Jar

Both of my sisters-in-law are getting married in September - essentially a double wedding, two ceremonies, one reception, same day, a whole lot of crazy + fun! ;). They had a joint bridal shower this past weekend.  I bought them each something off their registry but also wanted to do something a little different.  I decided to put together gift baskets for the brides-to-be, who also are about to finish building their first house!  I was supposed to spend about $40 on each basket, and I think it came close-ish, though I know I went over a little.

The baskets I got on clearance from Pier1.  I hit up Target, including the dollar section, for pretty much everything I included in the baskets.

dish soap // hand soap // kitchen towel // sponges // candles (Target dollar section) // paper straws // wooden letters (I painted them and added saw tooth hangers) // shopping lists

As part of the gift baskets, I put together date jars.  These are not all super creative or anything, but I know there are times when you just want to do something and aren't sure what!  I tried to keep in mind who I was making these for (i.e. I wasn't going to put going to a wine tasting or brewery tour for girls who don't drink, although those definitely sound like good ideas!). I also tried to keep it on the free or low-cost route, knowing that while a hotel stay might sound nice, it's probably not something they'd do on a whim - we wouldn't have either!  I bought a 100 pack of Popsicle sticks and split them up between both girls.  With a couple of screw-ups, I ended up with just under 50 dates for each jar.  Here's what I included (Tyler thought of a few so I have to give him some credit):

Mini road trip + explore a new city
One-on-one basketball
Fruit picking + make a pie
Go to a sports event (of any kind! i.e. high school football game, NFL game, etc.)
Watch old home movies
Go for a bike ride
Have a picnic - indoors or out
Pizza and movies at home
Play frisbee golf
Donuts + coffee date
Go camping (backyard camping counts!)
Make a bucket list together
Have a water balloon fight
Teach each other something new
Give each other 15 minute massages
Reenact your first date
Mini golf + ice cream
Swimming/beach day
Double date night with friends
Build a snowman
Living room campout
Have a scavenger hunt
Play truth or dare
Breakfast in bed
Make dinner together
"Unplug" for a night - no technology
Rollerskating or iceskating
Sledding + hot chocolate
Make a mixed CD/playlist (+ have a dance party)
Go to a concert (again, could be something local or professional)
Try a new restaurant
Go kayaking or canoeing
Drive-in movies
New recipe night - chicken/pork/beef
Workout together
Go down an untraveled road
Board game night with friends
Go fishing  
Volunteer somewhere together
Dinner + movies - her choice/his choice
Go out for dessert only
Go on a hike
Do a home improvement project together
Watch the sunrise + eat breakfast
Campfire + s'mores
Watch the sunset

I also put together jars of stove top potpourri - just a lemon, two cinnamon sticks, and one sprig of fresh rosemary.  This smelt so good just sitting in the jar.  I've never tried this potpourri before, but I've tried other stove top potpourri and loved it!

I tied ribbon on pretty much everything, just to add a little something extra!  I think they both liked their baskets - the date jars seemed to be the favorite. :)  These baskets took approximately 500 ten minute naps to complete (hopefully they can read my handwriting - I worked fast!), but I had fun putting them together.

I'll post more pictures from our weekend + Ellie's 3 month update as soon as I have time to go through the 100 pictures I took of her this morning. ;)

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