Friday, July 17, 2015

Linley's Love List

Another week, another random list of things I love!

Up first is Ellie sleeping like this the other day, looking like a worried, little old man.

And speaking of Ellie sleeping, we went to lunch with my sister yesterday, and last night she went to bed so early and slept so good.  She did the same thing when we went to lunch last week.   I'll be looking forward to setting up weekly (daily?) lunch dates with Auntie Whit. ;)

I bought these tights that I've wanted since even before we knew we were having a girl (on sale!), and they got delivered the other day.

Assuming they fit her, Ellie will be wearing them as part of her Halloween costume this year.  I probably don't even have to say it, but she's going to be a cat.  More specifically, she's going to be a black and white kitty (like her sister + BFF, Aubrey).  I'm thinking she'll wear these tights with a onesie, kitty ears + tail, and a tutu, naturally.  I am by no means trying to rush through summer, I just like to plan things months ahead of time. :)

Again, so not trying to rush the seasons but I'm loving all of the new fall clothes coming out for babies!  I haven't even checked out the adult clothes yet - buying clothes for Ellie is like buying clothes for myself, except better because I know she'll always look cute in them.  ;)  I know that I'll need to get some clothes in bigger sizes for her soon (twist my arm, why don't ya), but I'm trying to narrow it down a bit.  Probably on the so-not-necessary list is this vest - seriously, Gap?  Could you BE any cuter?

This pom pom garland (that I bought for Ellie's nursery but have hanging on our chalkboard right now) inspired me to try to add a little color to our kitchen/dining area nook. 

I put up a sign we had in our old house that just never got hung up here, and got some new PINK pillows from H&M using some of my birthday cash!  I had no idea they had so much home stuff on the H&M website, I think I always just bypassed it and went right to the clothes.  They have lots to choose from and everything is super cheap - like $4.99 for a pillow cover cheap.  The colors were kind of picked over, so I'll be keeping my eyes open waiting for a restock!  :)

I also got this tea towel.  I don't even know what to do with a tea towel, I just liked the saying on it.  This thing is huge - super long - and looked ridiculous just hanging on our oven.  So, I did the obvious thing - folded over the bottom and used scotch tape to hold it up. ;)  Some day, I'll learn how to sew.

I also bought this sweatshirt (that I mentioned in my last post) as a birthday gift to myself and it just came in the mail.  It's super soft and comfortable!  It's also pretty lightweight, which is perfect when you wake up to your house feeling like a fall morning in the middle of July.

 If you're looking for something delicious (and super fattening) for breakfast this weekend, these cinnamon roll waffles look so good.  As far as I'm concerned, any recipe that uses Pillsbury cinnamon rolls has got to be good.

We've got a kind of busy weekend coming up and will be seeing both of our families - having a baby makes you infinitely more popular. ;)   And, of course, we'll be tuning in to see the Gronkowski family on Family Feud!  

On my not-so-love list this week is that this is my last week of maternity leave coming up.  Thankfully, I'm only going back part time so I'll still have a couple days a week home with Ellie.  Also, she has some awesome grammies to watch her so she doesn't have to go to daycare.  I'm sure I'll still be crying every day for a month (year?) about it though.  Until then, I'll be soaking up every last second with my girl. :)

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