Friday, July 24, 2015

Linley's Love List

I thought I was making a solo trip to Target the other night, but ended up being accompanied by my two sidekicks.  Ellie is really starting to hate her car seat, so I decided to just hold her while Tyler pushed the cart.  She passed out after about two minutes of walking around the store and didn't wake up until I was putting her back in her car seat to go home.  I snapped this picture on our way in - that little face peering over her daddy's shoulder? I die!

These cute little moccasins! Currently on sale (with code "MIRACLEBABY") and the proceeds go to a good cause.  Ellie has yet to wear any shoes, but I'm thinking she'll need a cute and comfy pair of shoes for the fall.  Plus, they're much more affordable than other moccasins out there, which is nice since I'm pretty sure she'll grow out of them in .5 seconds.  Now, if only I could commit to one color! 

I found the prettiest dress for Ellie to wear to her aunties' wedding(s) in September.  It was a little pricey (in my opinion) for a baby dress, but I think it's pretty perfect for the occasion. Plus, as my sister said, it's technically for two weddings even if they're on the same day. ;)  This woman makes such beautiful dresses, all handmade to order.  Since there's a little bit of a turnaround time, I decided to just order one now and really hope and pray that it fits in a couple months (pretty sure it will).  I'm going to look for a cute cardigan for her to wear with it.  Can't wait to see my little cutie dance partner all dressed up! :)

I'm thinking of trying to make some baked zucchini "fries", similar to these ones (sans Parmesan cheese, because I don't like it).  Lord knows I won't follow the recipe exactly because I don't really play that game, but I think they look pretty good!  Anyone try making zucchini fries before?

I've had a slight beadboard obsession for awhile now and I think we're going to put some up around our kitchen table!  My mother-in-law brought down a piece for us to test out and see how it looks.  She's convinced that she and I can put it up ourselves but I think Tyler vetoed that idea. ;)  We don't plan on hanging around this house for too much longer (more on that later), so maybe we won't end up doing it, but I think it would be a pretty cheap way to make a big impact.  Here's one of my favorite inspiration pictures:

The other day was National Bump Day (seriously, who makes these things up?).  I posted a photo on Instagram with the caption "I miss my bump (but not that little foot stuck under my ribs)".  While that's a legitimate statement (girlfriend's foot came out crooked from the way it was jammed up in there and we had to do exercises for the first couple months-ish to encourage it to straighten out), I wouldn't trade my pregnancy for a thing.  Not trying to get all sappy here, but I know there are so many people who want to experience pregnancy and cannot, so I definitely don't take my experience for granted!  Now, if you want to put a smile on your face (and maybe get a little pregnancy fever, or maybe that's just me), search the hashtag nationalbumpday on Instagram and browse all the posts. :) 

Lastly, I'm thankful for a sister who's willing to come to dentist appointments with me to sit in the waiting room with Ellie, and a mom who came down every week to visit with us while I was on my maternity leave!  I can't believe I go back to work next week already.

Happy weekend, everyone!  I'll be back with Ellie's three month update soon. :)

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