Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Hospital Bag

I started this post awhile ago and finally had time to finish it due to the world's longest afternoon nap!

When I was pregnant with Ellie, I read so many different lists of what I "needed" to bring with me to the hospital.  I feel like most of these lists would result in over-packing, so I thought I'd share what I actually used while I can still remember!

Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc). - I packed these for both Tyler and I, but he only ended up using his toothbrush.  Since he went home each night for an hour or two to check on the kitties, he just showered when he was home.  I also threw my makeup in my purse last minute as we were walking out the door, but didn't end up wearing any the entire time we were at the hospital.  I really didn't care at that point!

Bathrobe - I was so happy to change into my own bathrobe once I was given the "okay" to take a shower.  It made me feel a little more human and it was still easy enough to feed Ellie and be examined by the nurses.  I ended up buying a cheap one from Target to bring with me, instead of the one I use every day at home.  I bought this one in black (figuring it was less likely to get ruined) and in an extra size too big to accommodate what was left of my bump.  Mine didn't get ruined at all and I still use it all the time.

Non-slip socks - The hospital I went to actually had these available but I liked the ones I brought better (even if it was just because of the fun colors!).  I picked up these ones from Amazon.

Nursing bras - I loved these ones from Target.  Super comfortable!

Going home outfit for mom - I brought sweatpants, a t-shirt and sweatshirt.  I would highly recommend packing sweatpants or something super comfy and/or two sizes too big!  I also bought some nice granny panties a size up from my normal size.  I would also highly recommend getting some larger sized undies that you don't mind getting ruined to wear for the first few days you go home.  I only wore these once I was home, because I used those nice ones they provide while I was there. ;)

Going home outfit for baby - I brought multiple outfits for Ellie but only changed her once when we were leaving.  We were getting her undressed every time she ate, so it really didn't matter.  Plus, she was all swaddled up the entire time so you couldn't even see what she was wearing underneath.  I also brought a few hats, none of which she wore - all "newborn" but were way too big.  I don't really get the hype about a "going home outfit".  She just wore a sleeper from Old Navy which now has blowout stains all over it.  I kept her hospital shirt, blanket and one of the hats she wore as keepsakes instead.  Also, thanks to my mom for picking up some newborn sized outfits and bringing them to us.  I was convinced I'd have a giant baby so I didn't get any!  She ended up wearing them for weeks.

Blanket for baby - I packed several pretty swaddle blankets I bought because I was so excited to use them.  After one of the nurses told us she hated the muslin kind because she knew of a baby who strangled himself with them, I was kind of afraid to take them out while I was there (even if Ellie wasn't leaving my sight).  But, we did use a blanket for her ride home.  

Blanket + pjs for dad - Our room had tons of extra pillows but no blankets, so definitely pack one of those.  Again, with Tyler making a couple trips home, he was just able to change when he went back.

Food - I kind of thought it was weird to bring snacks, but Tyler's parents brought us a bunch of snacks the first day and Tyler brought us more when he went home at night.  The hospital food was alright, but it was nice to have alternatives.  Plus, the hospital food is only available during certain times, so if you're with visitors or just not hungry, you might miss out.  Bottles of water were nice to have, too.  I felt like I was constantly asking the nurses for water - maybe mine were just extra busy but it felt like it took forever to get it most of the time.  We had lots of other visitors offer to bring us food too, which was really appreciated!

Boppy pillow - I brought mine but didn't use it at all at the hospital.  The nurses just set me up with the pillows in the room.  Because I wasn't used to using it, I didn't use mine for the first couple weeks and regretted it once I started to.  Next time, I'm going to make sure I get to use it from the start!

Camera + batteries, cell phones + chargers, and a car seat, of course. 

We didn't need anything to "kill time" (books, magazines, laptops, etc.) because of how fast she came.  Once your baby is here, you'll probably have visitors nonstop and won't need any of those either!  

The hospital will provide all baby supplies - diapers, wipes, etc. They also gave me lanolin to use.  Like I mentioned before, be sure to take all of these with you when you leave!

I tend to over-pack for just about everything, but thought I did a pretty good job with our hospital bag.  I tried to remember that I didn't actually need anything with me to have a baby, and Tyler could always run home or stop somewhere near the hospital to grab something, if needed! Don't forget, you'll have to bring home any gifts you get, too.  We accidentally left the balloons Tyler's grandparents got us in the room because we ended up with lot of stuff to bring home (I wonder if they got re-gifted?).  You'll regret over-packing when you're trying to lug everything out to your car and aren't supposed to be doing much lifting so your husband has to make a million trips for you. ;)

I know everyone is different, but I hope my list helps! :) Off to enjoy my birthday eve with my people!

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