Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Weekend in Pictures

Another weekend come and gone, already!  As usual, ours was very low key, spent at home. Here are some scenes from our weekend:

We woke up on Saturday with a little bit of bed head going on.

We read some books and learned all about kitty tails.  Ellie is partial to the purple, fluffy tail.

Ellie took the longest nap she has ever taken in her crib, clocking in at a whopping two minutes.

We played and played some more (she looks so enthused, doesn't she?).

Of course, she got in some tummy time, too.

Tyler painted our door blue, like I mentioned.  I am not sure what I think about it.  It doesn't quite look like my Pinterest inspiration.  I do think it would look ten times better with new hardware though.

Ellie took a few catnaps and got lots of cuddles in.
We hung out outside...

...and Ellie took in all the sights!

And we finished off Saturday night watching TV (including Shark Week. I spoke too soon in my last post).

Sunday morning, Ellie slept in (obviously worn out from her wild Saturday).


Aubrey stole my spot, per usual.  She loves her little sis.

My first reaction when I saw Ellie's room on Sunday morning was "wow, that's a mess".  But then I thought "hey, it kind of looks like a baby actually lives here (and was using all the stuff we got her)", and I kind of liked it.  But I cleaned it up later, anyway. Except that overflowing laundry basket of clothes.  One of Tyler's co-workers gave all of that to us and I have no idea where to put it all.  It's mostly 0-3 months so I'm praying one of our future babes is a girl so we can actually use some of it. ;)

When she finally woke up, Ellie was the happiest baby in all of the land.

We played some more (while looking like a baby orangutan)...

....and had some girl talk while Tyler cut the grass.

We also gave Ellie her first bottle of formula on Sunday.  She barely drank one ounce before refusing the bottle completely.  I have a feeling it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks.

Also not pictured: half a dozen mommy + Ellie dance parties (girlfriend likes to groove), popsicles + frozen teethers to keep us cool, Ellie watching Home Alone for the first time ever (thanks, Hallmark channel), and Tyler imitating a puppy to get Ellie to smile - it worked. :)

Hope you're all having a great start to your week!

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