Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Weekend

The weekends go by way too quickly, especially when your baby is the definition of cranky for half of it.  We went to my parents house on Saturday, and then to a graduation party for my cousin. On Sunday, Tyler's parents came over and Ellie was so, so miserable.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I'm thinking any crankiness was just ten (million) times worse because of the heat.  Maybe we jinxed ourselves when we gave her the middle name Summer.  ;)  Anywho, she's been sleeping most of the day so far, which is a good sign because she really wouldn't nap at all yesterday. 

We put Ellie in 3-6 month jammies for the first time this weekend.  They're a little big still, but she gets annoyed when her pjs are too tight, so we decided to give them a shot.  She also fell asleep while drinking a bottle twice this weekend, which has never happened.  I think we're making good progress on the transition to formula. :) I can't believe my baby will be 3 months old on Sunday!



I got this tissue tassel garland in the mail that I ordered months ago for Ellie's nursery.  I had forgotten I had even bought it!  I got about 2 seconds into finding a spot for it before Ellie woke up from a nap, but trying to put it in a place where a kitty can't get it is definitely a challenge!  I love the colors though.  I'm thinking of doing Ellie's (and sibs) future playroom with bright white walls and lots of color.  See my Playroom Pinterest board here.
Hope you all had a good weekend and are staying cool!

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