Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Three Months of Ellia

Age: Three months
Height: We tried to measure ourselves and we got about 24 inches.
Weight: According to our scale, 11.8 lbs.  Can't wait to find out exact numbers next month!
Clothing size: 0-3 months for the most part, except jammies she's wearing 3-6 months.  She'll definitely be in 3-6 months for everything before we know it.
Diaper size: 1, but I'm pretty sure this will be our last box!
Eating: She had her first bottle of formula at exactly 11 weeks old.  It's been touch and go with the weaning, and we're currently trying a few different types of formula to see what she likes/what agrees with her the most.  I'm pretty happy we made it 11 weeks exclusively breastfeeding!  I said I would be happy if I nursed her for 3 months, so it feels good to have met our goal.  I was hoping she'd be fully transitioned to formula before I go back to work, and we're not quite there yet - it's harder than I thought it would be!  Hopefully over the next couple weeks.  I will definitely be trying to breastfeed again with future babies!  Overall, it was a good experience with Ellie - and I'm actually a couple pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight (although I don't feel like it at all) without any changes to my diet and really just walking for exercise.  Yes, I'm counting bouncing Ellie around the house as exercise! Even though it's not strenuous by any means, we logged a TON of hours over the past three months and are constantly moving!
Sleeping: Ellie's still sleeping in our bed.  I definitely thought she'd be sleeping in her own room by the time I went back to work, and clearly that's not going to happen.  I also thought she'd be on some kind of sleep schedule, and that's not happening yet either.  She typically wakes up once (maybe twice) between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am to eat.  Some days she'll sleep until 8, others she doesn't get up until 10 or 11.  She also still catnaps all day long. I have this strange feeling that I'm not going to want to have her sleeping in her crib after I go all day long at work without seeing her, but hopefully this month we'll try to put her in her own room? Maybe?
Favorite toys:  I have to add her gloworm that my mom picked out for her!  She loves this thing. It's seriously cute.  She also likes this new activity gym we got her since she loves to kick!

Loves:  Eating.  Being held. Walking/being bounced around the house.  Watching TV (especially while being held so she's sitting up on her daddy's belly).  Dance parties + listening to music.  Looking at herself in the mirror. 

Ellie's very much a little chatterbox!  She loves to pull my hair and is starting to grab more things with her hands.  Ellie smiles with her whole body and thinks her daddy is the funniest when he pretends to be a puppy.  She's the biggest wiggle worm and cannot sit still.  She is really not digging the carseat and tries to escape any way she can.  I think we're going to have our hands full once she's mobile! ;)  Ellie can hold her head up and is starting to teeth (we think)!  

Happy three months, girlfriend!

And some scenes from our weekend...

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