Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baby Faves: Three + Four Months

I can't believe Ellia babe is four months old and I'm writing this post already!  Our three and four month baby faves are in addition to our one + two month faves, all of which we're still using.

Skip Hop Sheep - The cutest little toy ever!  Ellie loves the different textures on this sheep.  It looks like the sheep is out of stock, but I love the owl, too.

Gloworm - I mentioned in Ellie's three month update how much she loves this, and she hasn't gotten sick of it yet.  Lately, she's been pretty determined to eat her face, but I like to think it's more of a love bite. ;)

Sophie the Giraffe - Ellie's favorite teether is her hand (or really any kind of human flesh she can fit into her mouth), but in terms of an actual teether, Sophie is her fave!  Of course, it could be just because she likes that she squeaks.  My mom just bought her this lion, which is similar (a little softer), and Ellie seems to like it so far, too.

Swaddle Blankets - Not for swaddling, because this kid is a ninja, but we use these all the time anyway.  They're super lightweight, so they're great for summer.  They also work as makeshift burp clothes if you're in a pinch. ;)  Plus, they're so pretty!  They have some really cute boy ones, too.

Onesies - These H&M ones are pretty awesome - super affordable, soft, and surprisingly thick. I'm a big fan of plain onesies, so you can easily mix + match them!  We also love these ones from the Gap.

Medela bottles - Like I mentioned before, these are Ellie's favorite. Obviously, these are great if you have a Medela pump because they attach right to it.  I just bought more in a larger size, even though we have a dozen other ones that have never been used, sitting in our cabinet...

Kitty Tails book - Ellie is just starting to like when we read books, or more so she just likes to look at the pictures and violently grab the pages; hence, why this soft book is great! And if you don't like cats (what kind of person doesn't like cats?), there are other animal versions of the same book. :)

Rattles - These are the ones we have (here + here), but really anything that Ellie can hold and makes noise is a win in her book.

Bows -  Obviously.  I love all of the ones I've bought so far, but the newest ones I got are a definite favorite.  I'm obsessed!

I've been keeping my eye out for some new toys to keep Ellie from getting bored, but am finding that a lot of them require her to sit up and she's not quite there yet.  As always, suggestions are welcome for new things to try!

 Looking forward to seeing Ellie grow, and our baby faves change over the next couple months!! :)


  1. Love seeing what she likes! We have both those rattles as well & Weston loves em too!

  2. Thank you so much for your very kind words
    one night


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