Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baby's First Halloween Gift

So I'm not sure if it's entirely normal to get your child a Halloween gift, but that's how we roll in this house.  I decided that I'm putting together something small for Ellie, especially since she can't have candy this year which is obviously the best part of Halloween (other than dressing up as a cat, meow).  Here are a few baby appropriate "gifts" I've found so far:

kitty pjs // kitty rattles //  Dracula book //  bat pjs //  skeleton socks // bib //  pumpkin teether  // Frankenstein book // kitty socks  

I think everything falls under the useful category, which is always nice. Festive jammies are a must in my book!  There are tons of cute Halloween books out there - I love the idea of getting one or two each year and building a little collection.  Those socks are from the toddler section, but I couldn't resist - they'll make cute knee socks and fit her next year.  And those kitty rattles really don't have anything to do with Halloween, but they're cats and festive colors. ;)

I decided I'm going to give it to her as a "Happy October 1st" gift, because who wants to get Halloween stuff on Halloween? Everyone is pretty much over it by then.  I was contemplating buying her a trick-or-treat bag that she can use for years to come (obviously loved the kitty ones from PB Kids), but might just pick up a super cheap one from Target to wrap everything up in - I haven't decided yet!  Have you seen anything else that would be good for a five month old?
(60 as of today!)

Also (skipping ahead a few holidays), am I the only one who has started Christmas shopping?!  Excited doesn't even begin to describe it. We are trying to be a little conservative this year since Ellie will only be eight months old and probably care more about trying to eat wrapping paper than anything else, but that's not stopping me from having a little fun with it! My teepee idea will have to wait, but I think I've thought of something else to do this year.  I feel like I've been waiting forever to have a babe with us for all of these holidays! Looking forward to starting some new traditions and having lots of fun! :)

P.S. Today marks one year since we found out there was an Ellie in my belly!  Even though it's super grainy and we look like we just rolled out of bed, this will always be one of my favorite pictures of us. :) Read more about that day here.

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