Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beck & Belle

 It's no secret that I love baby bows and am always looking for cute shops to add to Ellia's collection. So, I totally jumped at the chance to try out some of Beck & Belle's super cute headbands!  We got these two in the mail and LOVE them.

Ellie's bow collection was severely lacking in the glitter department, and these bows add the perfect amount of sparkle without being too over the top.  They also fit Ellie perfectly and seem to be super comfortable for her, too. I honestly always worry about putting glittery things on Ellie, because I don't want glitter to get all over her skin, mouth, eyes, everywhere. But neither of these left behind a single sparkle on her. :) Both of these styles come in every color under the sun (including some very pretty fall colors), so you'll have no problem finding something that you love!

I love little details, so I thought it was so sweet that a little shop label is included on the backside of the bows! :)

Beck & Belle has tons of great finds, so definitely check out the Etsy shop for more products!  These accessories aren't just for babies; they're perfect for girls of all ages.  She (Molly, the shop owner) always has cute, festive items and right now she's got some adorable Halloween headbands and clips up for grabs.  These witch hats even come in both mama + mini sizes! :)  Of course, I'm partial to this striped bow (I might have a little stripe obsession) and this cute little kitty head - because, cats. ;) These fawn ears are just too cute to handle, and would be perfect for Halloween or playing dress up. :)  Her new Gatsby Collection releases shortly, too!

You'll definitely be seeing more of these headbands in Ellie's collection! :)

Be sure to follow Beck & Belle on Instagram (@beckandbelle) - Molly is always giving sneak peaks  of upcoming products and sales.  She also frequently posts pictures of her adorable kids, Beckett and Ellia - yes, her little girl's name is Ellia, too!

Happy shopping! :)

Headbands provided courtesy of Beck & Belle, LLC.  All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


  1. Ahhh those are so cute! I NEED to get some for my little niece.

    1. Definitely!! Little girls are TOO much fun to shop for :)


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