Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ellia Style: Bonnets

I don't know about you, but we're definitely jumping on the bonnet bandwagon over here!  Tyler is probably rolling his eyes right now because I'm pretty sure I've said that I'm done shopping for Ellie for awhile, about ten times in the past week... but, I'd really like to get Ellie one for fall.  I think they're ridiculously cute and it would be perfect for her to wear as it starts getting a little chillier out. :) Plus, some of the ones I've seen can be made with a fleece or sherpa liner for added warmth.  I've found a few that I really like, but haven't decided which one is my favorite yet!  I'm leaning towards a plain, neutral one so it'll match more of her clothes.  That black + white buffalo plaid, though?! So cute. 

I'm currently taking any recommendations for bonnet shops!  Of course, fall styles are just coming out now and I'm pretty sure she doesn't need a fall bonnet in August, so I think I'm going to keep my options open for a bit. :)  

Also, as a public service announcement - the Milk de la Milk shirts that I've been eyeing FOREVER are on sale (use code MILKDELAMILK for 20% off), and seem to be selling FAST based on how quickly Ellie's size is disappearing.  Ellie sure does love her milky. ;)  When I first saw them, I definitely thought of The Aristocats - creme de la creme a la Edgar, anyone?  The Disney movie with cats is my favorite, go figure. :)  Anyway, the shirts are also totally gender neutral, which makes them even better in my book.

WHY is shopping for babies so. much. fun?!


  1. Shopping for littles is my favorite!! I rarely buy myself anything these days, I'd much rather pick out stuff for them! Bonus-- They look WAY cuter too! ;)

  2. Oops - guess I had more catching up to do than I realized! Found the answer I was looking for ;)


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