Friday, August 14, 2015

Follow Friday + Favorites

Happy Fri-YAY!

Just the fact that it's Friday is one of my favorite things.  I was ready for the weekend before my work week even started.  Who knew three days could seem SO long?

Keeping it short + sweet today!  First up, a little Pinterest project - this mirror makeover.  It's definitely been added to my never-ending list of projects!

We have the Emily Ley baby book, which I love!  I have yet to write anything in it, though, but am hoping to get started this weekend.  Totally thought I'd have it all up to date before my maternity leave ended - yeah right.  Lately, I've seen this one everywhere and it looks super cute, too!

These swaddle blankets from Modern Burlap! Ellie has never liked to be swaddled but we still use them as regular blankets all the time.  I actually love them all, but this striped one is probably my favorite.  It kind of makes me think of Halloween, too. ;)

I probably buy myself more pajamas and loungewear than I do regular clothes.  When you spend so much time in your pjs, you might as well love them, right?  Totally loved these pants as soon as I saw them. 

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm on Pinterest, I rarely go and look at my pins - especially recipes.  I just pin something I like and keep it as something to refer back to later.  So, sometimes I like to go back refresh my memory a bit!  I pinned these cilantro lime chicken kabobs awhile back and definitely need to add them to my recipes-to-try list before summer is over.

Now for Follow Friday.  I'm a pretty recent follower of Jess at Positively Oakes.  She, too, is a new mama to a baby girl.  She wrote a pretty perfect post yesterday about her first 30 days as a mom, which I loved.  I'd definitely recommend checking her blog out! :)

And, a few pics from our week.

We were having our daily selfie session last night and I told Ellie to make her best "OMG tomorrow's Friday" face - she looks excited, right? ;)

Happy (almost) weekend, everyone! :)

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