Friday, August 21, 2015

Follow Friday + Favorites

Alternatively titled: I'm obsessed with online shopping.

Friday is here again - yay!  First up, some favorites:

Babylit books are on sale at Pick Your Plum for $5.49 a piece!  I've heard nothing but good things about these books.  I picked up a few for Ellie to start her collection, including the Frankenstein one to put away for a little Halloween gift I'm planning.  Even though shipping was kind of ridiculous, it was still cheaper than getting them on Amazon.  If you sign up for emails, you also get an extra 10% off!

Speaking of books, I came across the book Mitford at the Fashion Zoo, which looks too cute.  Definitely going to keep it in mind for when Ellie gets a little older.

Another find that'd be great for (very stylish) girls who are a little older is this necklace.  It's perfect for fall, and looks very J.Crew-esq, don't you think? :)

You're all going to think I'm crazy and I'm not sure if I'm going to regret admitting this, but... I'm still wearing my one pair of beloved maternity pants to work just because I love them that much.  Yes, my regular ones fit me again but these are so cute and obviously ridiculously comfortable.  I ended up buying these non-maternity ones (in purple because I'm trying to be more adventurous ha) and they're basically the same thing.  I was so excited to find that they fit so similarly, and would highly recommend getting a pair! Or you can just buy the maternity ones, even if you're not pregnant.  I won't judge. ;)

My "fall" diaper bag.  It's definitely not just for fall, but I got it to replace a summery-looking light pink Old Navy tote I've been using with this insert (which I really do like, by the way).  It's "vegan leather", and I love how it looks like a regular handbag.  I got it from Little Unicorn, which is the same company that we bought our swaddle blankets from (that we LOVE).  Also, if you happen to follow Little Unicorn on Instagram, did you guys see that someone made a dress out of their Poppy Swaddle? Check it out here - wicked cute.

You know those huge swan and flamingo pool floats everyone and their mother seems to have?  Well, I found these mini versions (swan // flamingo), available for pre-sale now.  They're so adorable, but perhaps a tad expensive for a baby pool float.  I'll be looking out for cheaper ones, now that I know they exist.

Our neighbor recently opened a new business, selling mead wine made from his own honey bees in his backyard.  He brought over a bottle of the strawberry flavor last night, and while I only had a sip because I had to go feed my little beast, it was really good!  We see him out there all the time in his bee suit, so it was cool to see the end product. :)  If you're local, be sure to check them out!

And, for Follow Friday: Cella Jane Blog.  I normally like to read more lifestyle focused blogs, as opposed to fashion blogs (because I am not so fashionable), but this is one that encompasses both.  Her styles look cute and comfortable, which is important in my book.   Plus, reading it might motivate me to try to dress nice?  She also includes some pictures of her adorable daughter, who I saw was wearing some Beck & Belle fawn ears this week on Instagram! :)

Happy weekend!!


  1. I totally feel you on the maternity pants! I have a pair (or two) also from old navy that I'll still wear once in awhile because they are SO comfy! (I mean, that's when I'm not wearing yoga pants which is almost always since I'm usually home & who needs real pants? Haha) I love love your new non-maternity ones though! & the new diaper bag--super cute! Online shopping is so dangerous but so fantastic haha.

    Also, I never heard of those books but now I totally want to order one or two! Thanks for sharing ;)

    1. SO glad I'm not alone on the maternity pants thing! lol :) And yeah! I saw a lot of those books were sold out on that website, but Amazon definitely as them in stock! ;) They look pretty cute. Ellie will now sit and look at the pages of books with me (most of the time). So I'm pretty quickly getting sick of reading the same ones over and over again :)


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