Monday, August 10, 2015

Our Future Dining Room

Tyler and I frequently watch HGTV together (because we're like an 85 year old couple).   On an episode of "Fixer Uppers" that we saw not too long ago, there was a  b e a u t i f u l  house that we both loved.  My favorite parts are the kitchen (in it's entirety), the bathroom (the clawfoot tub + sinks), and those barn doors they used as closet doors in the master bedroom (LOVE those).  A few weeks ago, I alluded to the fact that we're moving, and I'll share the details when I can!  What I can say is that our future house does have a dining room.  We don't have one here, so I've been all over Pinterest looking for ideas. I'm loving a lot of the "industrial farmhouse" and "rustic luxe" ideas - very similar to the house on Fixer Uppers.


Since we don't have a dining room here, we obviously don't have a table.  While I would love to buy something like this, we're not really into spending (or able to spend) $2,000+ on a table (or anything).  So!  We talked about finding something on Craigslist and giving it a makeover, but then I found multiple tutorials for DIY farmhouse tables, like this one, which we both really like.  The instructions sound pretty simple and it's definitely cost effective.  There's no doubt in my mind that Tyler can build us a new dining table. ;)

I love these metal chairs to go with it.  Again, they're pretty reasonably priced (two for $99), and I think they fit the theme of the room so well.  Our cats completely destroyed our woven chairs that we're currently using with our kitchen table, so the fact that they can't ruin these is an added bonus.

Lighting is also key!  It's crazy how much of a difference a change in fixture can make in a room.  My favorite place to shop for lighting is Lowe's.  The allen + roth line is pretty awesome - the light above our kitchen table is this one that I'm obsessed with, and I came accross this bathroom light fixture that I would also love to incorporate into our future house someday!  Anyway, I love this allen + roth light for our dining room but I also came across this bad boy at Shades of Light.  Holy beautiful!  It's unlike anything I've ever seen before.  And for less than $200,  I think it's pretty reasonable.  There are TONS of beautiful light fixtures at Shades of Light - if I had an unlimited budget, I would definitely go lighting crazy! ;)

I'm sure we'll add some various decorative items to tie in the theme.  These curtain rods using metal piping are really cool.  I've also seen shelving made with pipes like these, which I like as well. I want to make sure there's enough "farmhouse" and not too much "industrial", though - I think too much can make it feel a little cold. 

Of course, this is all assuming we have any money left over after we move. ;)  I'm sure it'll be a gradual project!  I'd love hear any ideas you might have, or have seen, that would tie into our industrial farmhouse theme! :)


  1. I just love your style! And I love everything about an industrial farmhouse theme! Jack and I watch HGTV on the reg. and DIY network. LOVE! I have never checked out Lowe's allen + roth line. We almost always go to Home Depot because there is one about a mile away. Lowe's is more like a 15 minute drive .. so we only really go there if we're being real adventurous lol. I just recently saw this idea, I am probably going to talk about it on my blog tomorrow, but I feel like it is something you would love:

    1. Thanks!! Yes! I love that! So cool and it would def go well with the theme ;)

  2. Oh no! Does loving HGTV make you old?! If so, we are ancient over here too! I am a huge fixer upper & flip or flop fan (along with all the other shows on the channel haha) I saw this episode you're referencing and the house is totally gorgeous. I would DIE for the barn doors on the closet. Our closet in our bedroom currently doesn't have any doors (they were already off when we moved in, and I sure as hell wasn't putting those obnoxious wood sliding- -never in alignment, always falling off) doors back on! I dreammmmm of having those barn doors in there- maybe someday! Can't wait to hear about your new house adventures and see more of your ideas for it-- loving it so far! ;)

    1. Lol! Glad we're not the only ones. ;) yeah! They are so cool. Tyler's mom mentioned maybe trying it at their house so I'll be interested to see how it goes if she does. I've seen tons of tutorials on Pinterest, too!


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