Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! 

We had a nice, relaxing weekend over here.  I am attached to Ellie's hip on the weekends after my seemingly never-ending workweek - she doesn't seem to mind a bit. ;)  Tyler did a little yard work and us gals hung out on the hammock and worked on her baby book a little bit.  Ellie spent some time in her crib - she even took a half hour nap for me in there!  When she's in her crib (and pretty much anywhere else, too), I find that she frequently flips herself over onto her belly, can't flip herself back over, and starts to freak out.  Girlfriend definitely wishes so badly that she could get up and crawl away!  We grabbed some takeout Saturday night and I got that ice cream cone I've been wanting since the first day of summer.  Ice cream always tastes even better when you go out to get it, right?  On Sunday, we went to Tyler's grandparent's house to celebrate his grandpa's birthday.  Between getting our butts out of the house, and Ellie's ridiculously long bedtime "routine", that's about all we did all day.  :)

  While working on Ellie's baby book, I came across all of our hospital bands.  This teeny little thing fell off her ankle approximately 500 times while we were in the hospital (and we repeatedly got reprimanded for not immediately putting it back on her).  It's crazy to think that little thing was way too big for Ellie! My baby is HUGE now. ;)  I also came across what's left of her newborn diapers.  Holy moly, those things are tiny.  I'm pretty sure they could maybe cover one cheek right about now.  Time flies, guys!

While I'm sure it went by way too fast (I know ours did), I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I love reading all of your posts, Linley! They're so fun and your sweet little Ellia is so beautiful! And even though I don't have babies of my own or plan on having any soon, I have plenty of family and friends with little ones and love all of your recommendations/adorable finds :) But I'm selfishly wondering, where did you get your pj pants from? Love them!

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you! I think you found your answer, but if not they're from Old Navy and I love them! :)


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