Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Weekend

Monday morning feels extra special with my girl after going back to work last week!  I have always hated that "Sunday night blues" feeling, so I strategically made sure I'd have Mondays off when choosing my new work days.  Smart choice, I'd say. ;)

Saturday was spent just relaxing at home with my people.  Tyler got his rider lawn mower up and running after buying it super cheap and putting some hard work into it, so he was pretty excited!  We went for a walk with Ellie after dinner and she loved it except for the last two minutes or so... Then she was completely all set and wanted to be home immediately, if not sooner. ;)  Ellie also rolled over (from her back to her belly) on the floor for the first time!  Well, technically she did it Friday and I missed it, but I saw her do it for the first time this weekend.  She's been rolling all over our bed for forever, but this was the first time she's rolled on the floor.  It's too funny how as soon as she discovers she can do something new, she wants to keep doing it over and over.  I also heard her laugh for the first time this weekend (again, I missed the first laugh while I was working - makes me feel real good, NOT).  I'm talking a full belly laugh here, not just a little smile and squeal.  I may have teared up a little - too much cuteness!

That's the face of a girl who woke up from her "evening nap" just in time to grab my freshly painted fingernails with her sticky little fingers.

On Sunday, Ellie got up to eat around 7:00 and then went back to sleep until almost 10:00, so Tyler and I got out of bed and had breakfast + coffee in some peace and quiet!  He made my favorite breakfast (waffles) and I enjoyed eating a meal with two hands. :)  

 My furry little helpers assisted me in finding a spot for this tissue tassel garland in Ellie's room.  I know it's crooked - it's currently being held up with scotch tape, just to get an idea of how it would look.  My kitties also helped me find out pretty quickly I couldn't put it where I wanted to in the corner above her bureau.  I can't decide if it looks like it's too much?  But I do like the little bit of color it adds to the room!

We all got ready (always a production in this house, not sure about yours!) and in the afternoon, we went to my aunt's house for a cookout and to celebrate my grandma's birthday.  Ellie went swimming for the second time, and really seemed to like it!  She was smiling away and didn't seem to have any desire to get out any time soon. :)





Ellie wore her new June & January dress this weekend and we are in love!  This was our first purchase from them and we picked it up when they had their $20 tank swing dress sale this past week.  I'd highly recommend this dress for any little girl in your life - super soft, stretchy, comfy + cute!  It's so nice to have something Ellie doesn't completely hate going over her head.  Seriously, this girl's wardrobe is at least ten times cuter than her mama's.

Also, today is our second wedding anniversary!  It feels like we've been married for at least ten years, but it's still exciting to celebrate another year of it being official. :)  You bet I'll be torturing Tyler by making him watch our wedding video with me tonight.  I'm so glad my 14-year-old-self suggested to him that we should "go out" via AIM conversation way back in the day. ;)  Happy Anniversary to my best friend!  I love you xo

Hope you had a great weekend!


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  2. 1st - I hope you and Tyler had a nice anniversary yesterday!! I can't believe it has been two years sine you've been married. I feel like it was last weekend!

    Ellia is so stinking cute! I love the tassel garland above her name in her nursery. Very cute!

    I chuckled out loud when I read that she woke up just after you finished painting your nails and touched them with her sticky fingers! I have been using Essie's rapid dry top coat, it dries so fast!! I also love Sally Hansen's fasts dry top coat (it literally is dry to touch in 30 seconds).

  3. Okay I am so dumb, but I spelled Ellia's name wrong in my 1st comment so I deleted it and posted it again. But now it shows that I "removed" my comment. Oy!

    1. Lol! You are too funny! I'll have to try those on my nails! She either wakes up right as I finish or when I have one hand done or something!


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