Monday, August 31, 2015

Our Weekend

Happy Monday!

Country Fest was fun, and was really the first night out we had alone since Ellie was born!  I think when I find myself nine months pregnant with baby number two, I'll drop Ellie off with one of her fab babysitters and drag myself out for my sweatpants for a date night - the opportunities for a night out with a newborn (especially a nursing one) are few and far between!  It was definitely overdue.  Anyway, we missed Ellie and talked about her most of the night, in between watching the concert and watching all of the drunk people.  It was seriously some of the best people watching I've done in a while. ;)  After the concert, we came home to a sleeping baby, which was a very pleasant surprise (thanks, Auntie Whit and Grammie).  On Sunday, Ellie was such a little fishy at my aunt's house.  Not only did she love the pool, she taught herself how to make a fishy face so she was doing it all day - too cute!

I can't believe tomorrow is SEPTEMBER!  This summer flew by.  I'm already looking forward to next summer - I think we'll be having lots of fun with Miss Ellie!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. Stop it! I am dying with the pictures. Particularly the freshly bathed cutie & the doting grandparents in the pool --adorable! ;) Also, jealous of your concert going experience--love me some Kenny & all the others there. True or false Robert Kraft & the Lombardi trophies were there?! Or was that the night before? Haha. That would have been fantastic if they were there when you were! (Although that one is probably just me...& Tyler haha)

    1. Thank you! I have no idea about Robert Kraft and the trophies! I better not even mention it to Tyler because he'll be sad he missed out, if it's true. ;)

  2. Ahh, I heard Country fest was awesome! So glad you and Tyler got to have a night out! :)

    I can not believe it is September already. I am pumped though because as you know I am NOT a fan of summer, bring on the Fall and cool, crisp weather :)

    P.S. loving all the pictures, especially the last one with the sunglasses.

  3. Can't wait until next summer when we'll be hitting the beach and playgrounds with Ms. Ellie all the time! Also, you know how much I love your and Ellie's matching denim outfits. ; )


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