Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites + Feline Fascination


A few quick favorites to share with you all! 

First off, Ellia tried ice cream (coffee flavored, of course) for the first time and obviously loved it.  I've been giving her small samples of a lot of the soft foods that I eat and she's liked them all.  I'm loving letting her try all of these new things!  Who knew feeding a baby could be so fun?

One of my favorite items in Ellie's wardrobe, her June & January tank swing dress, is going to be available in a t-shirt style dress on September 25th!  Their whole fall launch looks adorable.  Mark your calendars, mamas. ;)

I couldn't get this Meow-lloween onesie (also available as a tee) in my cart fast enough! It's perfect for any cat lovers out there and I'm pretty sure it's going to be part of Ellie's Halloween costume.  Any idea what your little ones are going to be for Halloween?  I love hearing about all the cute costumes!  Speaking of Halloween, these tees + trick-or-treat bags are really cute.  I love seeing all of Jessica + Katie's collabs and was excited to see this style back again this year, although I'm fairly certain we've met our Halloween apparel quota for the season. :)

BabyLit books are on major sale on Zulily right now.  They also have these stroller flashcards that are super cute for learning ABC's.

My last favorite this week is Ellie's recent feline fascination.  She thinks the cats are pretty great and loves being down on their level.  I think she already has a favorite based solely on the fact that Bradley's typically the only one who doesn't walk away when Ellie tries to "pet" him.  My baby + kitty loving heart just might burst! ;)
It's supposed to be a pretty nice weekend here, and it's also the last weekend of summer - hope you enjoy it! :)

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