Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

The highlight of the week was Ellie trying her first solid food.  It comes as no surprise that she loves it - I was pretty confident she would!  The verdict on our $20 highchair is that it's going to be great when Ellie can sit up a little better on her own, but she still needs a little extra support.  It is definitely super easy to clean, and I love how it looks and just kind of blends in with all of our other kitchen furniture - we've got enough "baby looking" stuff covering every other square inch of our house.  All in all, I'd say it's a win.

I was given a Baby Magic Bullet blender at my baby shower and would love to try to make Ellie some food, once we have a good handle on what she likes and doesn't like.  I know I won't be making 100% of her food, but I'd like to try to supplement a little.  It'd definitely save money and it's nice to know exactly what I'm feeding her (crazy mama over here).  I'd love to hear if anyone has tried making baby food before!

 I'd also love to hear recommendations for TV shows for babies, or maybe I'm really asking for recommendations about how to not go completely bat shit crazy watching the same thing all the time.  I feel like it's too early for these TV watching shenanigans to start, and I seriously never turned the TV on before Ellie was born, but girlfriend is very interested (as evidenced by the picture below that my mom sent me yesterday).  So if it keeps her quiet for 15 minutes, I'm not opposed to it.  But, I'm already getting sick of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and find myself singing that "hot diggity dog" song way too often.  Suggestions are always welcome! ;)

Note the amazing progress being made on our gallery wall. ;) I think at this point, I'm just going to wait until we move.

Other than the feeding experience, we had a pretty quiet week.  I am soaking up every last bit of this hot weather before it's gone for another year.  Ellie took a couple actual naps for me this week, so that was glorious. It's amazing how much I can get done in 45 uninterrupted minutes.

Now for some of my weekly favorites:

There are going to be tons of sales this weekend for Labor Day (yay!).  The most notable sales I've seen so far are that Ruche has 30% off everything using code SUNFUN (obsessed with this dress), and everything at Gap is up to 40% off.  

I think rompers can be kind of hit or miss, I've never even tried wearing one myself, but I saw this one and loved the floral print.  It seems like it'd be perfect for the transition from summer to fall.  I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it, but I just can't get enough floral!

Baby pjs are just SO cute.  I kind of have a weird obsession with them.  I saw these ones and love them!  They're technically boys, but a lot of baby clothes can be gender neutral.  Ellie's onesie she wore last week (seen in her four month update) is from the boy's section at Baby Gap!

I haven't shopped at Forever21 in the longest time, but found myself perusing the website the other day.  Of course I loved all of the sleep and loungewear, especially the nightgowns - this one and this one might be my favorites, but they're really all so cute.  Obviously the prices are right, too!

For any mamas or mamas-to-be, I saw this article on Facebook this week and thought it was pretty funny and all too true.  Except the part about wanting to go to work and talk to adults, I'm still usually all set with that. ;)  Some things don't change.  Oh, and the part about losing hair?  Still happening like CRAZY.  Postpartum hair loss is no joke.

Happy LONG weekend, everyone! :)


  1. Ohh blah kids tv shows!! None of them are particularly "good" but, some are definitely worse than others! We love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over here for sure. I can tolerate Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First...but it is no joke that the songs definitely get stuck in your head f o r e v e r. Good luck with that!!!

    1. Haha thanks! And it's only just the beginning. Yikes ;)


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