Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Weekend

My weekend started off with a TWO HOUR commute home.  Even during rush hour, it would normally take no more than forty minutes, so that was a bummer to say the least.  But, I quickly got over it once I got home and had my face attacked by my favorite little beast. :)

We had our typical weekend breakfast on Saturday, followed by some time outside in the afternoon.  It was a really nice day out and I'm trying to soak it all up while it's still here! On Saturday night, we had a crazy night out together and went grocery shopping.  Tyler and I used to go to the grocery store every Saturday night before Ellie was born.  I know, we're wild.  I got my arm workout in holding the babe the whole time, but she didn't make a peep so it was beyond worth it.  Tyler's typically just been stopping after work, and I'm pretty sure he is banning us girls from the store from now on due to the immense amount of groceries that came home with us.  I'm a firm believer in stocking up! ;) Ellie passed out on our way home so we made a quick pit stop at the DD drive thru - to get an apple cider, of course. 

 It really started to feel like fall on Sunday!  We had our first Soup Sunday, watched football, cleaned a little and did some laundry.  I made some festive trail mix, including peanut m&ms in only the fall colors.  Tyler so kindly separated out the blue and green ones for me - welcome to crazy town, folks!  In his words, I go along with his crazy, so he'll go along with mine. :)

I've also been trying to get Ellie to sit up more.  I know she is definitely strong enough, she just tends to flop forward onto her belly, kick her legs out and attempt to crawl away the second I sit her up.  She sat good a few times yesterday, so we're making progress!  We also did a lot of kitty petting.  I have a feeling that trying to teach Ellie how to be gentle is going to be tough. Luckily, we have at least one patient kitty. ;)  Hint: I'm not talking about this one.

Hope you all had a nice weekend! :)

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