Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I thought I'd share some of my favorite recent Ellie outtakes, because anyone who has ever tried to take a picture of a baby knows it can be a struggle! ;) I occasionally get asked how I get "good" pictures of Ellia and it always makes me laugh.  I can literally take fifty pictures at once and maybe get one or two "good" ones, or sometimes none at all.  Patience and persistence are definitely key! ;)

She was on a roll that day.

Last, but not least, an Ellie selfie.  Girlfriend loves the forward facing camera.
I also get asked what I use for a camera.  About 99% of my pictures are taken with my iPhone, but I also have a Nikon Cookpix camera - nothing fancy over here!  The camera takes pretty good pictures, especially for the price, but I just find my iPhone to be so much more convenient (it's always with me - also known as my fifth child).  I am constantly deleting photos to make room for more on my phone. Tyler just backed all of my pictures up last week, but I can't bring myself to delete some (most) of them. Tell me I'm not alone?  

Clearly, none of the above photos are edited, but I typically just use Instagram to edit.  I'm not a huge fan of filters but like the other editing features.  I've also used an app called Faded before for editing. VSCO and Afterlight are also good editing apps, but I need to play around with them a little more.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've also probably seen my video outtake from this week that I had to share!  Who knew slow motion and baby drool could be so entertaining (and maybe a little gross)? ;)

Hope these made you smile! And yes, I totally think she's cute no matter what. :)


  1. My favorite has to be the look she is giving you in the crib with the stuffed animals haha so funny. I agree with everything in this post! "Good" pictures are hard to come by! It only gets more difficult as they get older (and busier ;) haha). Isla loves taking pictures but not usually "good" ones. I love all of them of Miss. Ellia though! Gorgeous girl!

    1. Haha thank you. It's already getting more difficult with all of the rolling! Definitely didn't take full advantage of her non-moving newborn days. ;)

  2. I was going to ask you what kind of camera you used! If you just used your iPhone or if you had an actual camera. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

    I have so many pictures on my phone -- before I got my new one I was always running out of storage. I couldn't even do the Apple updates LOL. I literally back them up on my computer but can never bring myself to delete any off my phone! HA I am sure they aren't nearly as cute as yours, most are of my dogs. I literally take 5 pictures of them in the same spot. Their head or paw would move slightly, but still have to have all 5 on my phone. The struggle is real. So I can only imagine how much worse it is going to be once I have a child. AH.

    Anyways, sorry for the book, but LOVE all the pictures. Ellie is just so adorable. Ellie selfie, haha too cute!

    1. Yes! I am in the same boat. Now I feel bad deleting pictures of my cats even though they're backed up LOL. Next time I need to upgrade I'm going to get one with more storage!!


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