Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Weekend

I finally got all my pretty little pumpkins this weekend!  We went to the same place we went to last year, which has an awesome variety and some very cool pumpkins + gourds - I was pretty excited to find those cool blue/green/grey ones!  After we picked up our pumpkins, we met up with our friends, Karissa and Jack, since they live just down the street.  We stopped by their house to see all of the work they've done on their house since I last saw it (it looks so good!), and then we all went to got some ice cream.  I'm pretty sure Ellie would have eaten a whole cone by herself if I let her. :)  We did a little pumpkin arranging when we got home and grilled out for dinner.  

On Sunday, we spent the morning at home relaxing and then went to my parents house for the Pats game.  My mom made her homemade spaghetti sauce, which is easily in my top ten favorite foods ever.  Ellie was happy that she got to hang with her boyfriend, Gronk doll, and the Patriots had another win!  We love getting to see our family on the weekends and going back "home".  :)

The weather was beautiful all weekend, but Monday was especially nice, so we spent some time outside soaking up the sun!  I also worked on my intense closet clean out a little bit, and even though there are shoes and clothes everywhere right now, I'm already feeling better about it.  My closet is seriously such a mess.  It was somewhat organized not so long ago, but I definitely spent one too many mornings digging through the bottom of it, looking for something one-handed and it ended up basically being a giant pile of clothes.  I'll be donating a TON of stuff, but refuse to get rid of my Abercrombie sweatshirt from eighth grade.  It was my favorite for the longest time so I decided to keep it for Ellie one day. She might think it's cool, right? Vintage, maybe?  Anyway, I'm going to post before and after pictures when I'm done the clean-out because it's so ridiculous.

If you follow me on Instagram (@linleynoel), you probably saw that I made Ellie and I our kitty ears this weekend.  It was super easy and so much cheaper than some others I had my eye on. Keep your eyes peeled for a DIY post soon! :)

I love three day weekends and loved having Tyler home with us for an extra day.  I can't believe Columbus Day weekend has already come and gone, though.  I know I say this all the time but, time is FLYING. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect fall weekend!! I love all the pumpkins and your DIY cat ears! Can't wait for the post on how you made them!! Thanks for stopping by this weekend, so good to see you, Tyler, and Ellie!! :)

    1. So good to see you guys too! I'm glad you got to see Ellie again! We'll have to do something again soon :):)


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