Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
Since Ellie started sitting up pretty well within the last week, we decided to give her highchair another shot.  I can now say that I definitely recommend it, especially if you're on a budget - well worth the two month wait until she was big enough to sit up on her own in it.  It does not get better than $20, and like I said, it's easy to clean and just kind of blends in with everything else in our kitchen - can't say the same for our living room covered in baby toys.

Also since Ellie's sitting up, I'm looking forward to putting her up front in the shopping cart (Target, here we come!!), but know that she will put any and all parts of the cart in her mouth within reach because that's what she does with e v e r y t h i n g.  I was thinking of getting one of those shopping cart covers in hopes that a cover will help keep some of the germs out of her mouth, and am taking recommendations if you have one that you love! Or, if you think it's a complete waste of money, please let me know that too.

A few recent total "mom brain" moments for you (yes, it is definitely a real thing):
1.)  Pouring myself a glass of water, sitting down to eat dinner and realizing I poured it in a coffee mug instead of my usual mason jar mug.  Maybe that was my body's way of telling me I needed more caffeine?
2.)  Setting my alarm for 5 pm instead of 5 am... this coming from someone who would check to make sure her alarm was set at least ten times before going to bed in the pre-baby days.
3.)  Losing count of how many scoops of formula I put in the bottle and having to dump the whole thing down the drain.  This has happened WAY too many times.  I now have to count them out loud.
4.)  The number of times I read my posts and still find typos... please be patient with me. ;)  I tend to edit when I'm trying to stay awake for middle of the night feedings!

This my mom needs caffeine tee is pretty perfect if you're suffering from mom brain like I am!

 I saw this monthly milestone blanket and am in love!  Seriously, what a cute idea.  If I wasn't so crazy, I'd get it for Ellie but I wouldn't want to start at six months, so maybe next time around. :)

Have you guys seen all of the cute baby jams at Baby Gap for Christmas yet?! I want one of each, but will try to narrow it down to just one pair.  At the same time, we do spend a lot of time in our jammies in this house, so maybe two pairs are warranted.  My mind will be in Christmas-prep mode from November 1st on!  SO, so, so excited.  Have I mentioned that?  ;)   I'm cannot wait.  More Christmas-y thoughts to come post-Halloween, I'm sure...

This sweet video that definitely made me tear up (okay, cry like a baby because crying is what I do, in case you haven't noticed).

Lastly, a couple photos of Ellie from earlier this week in one of her Isla Ann Inspiration bows!  So cute, simple + perfect for any time of year. :)

We have a low key weekend coming up and I'm looking forward to it.  Ellie and I will be having a girls day on Saturday, and we're having our Halloween breakfast + pumpkin carving shenanigans on Sunday morning (followed by football + pumpkin beer in the afternoon, of course).  Any fun weekend plans? Hope yours is fab!


  1. Mom brain is DEFINITELY real, I have to agree!! The blanket is awesome! I am totally like you though and would never start it at 6 months ;) haha! You should definitely do it next time though! As far as the shopping cart cover goes we had one for Isla & never used it. For me getting it to fit correctly was a struggle (maybe I'm just inept! Haha or maybe it was the kind I had?) so I was annoyed with it and gave up after a few tries haha but I know some people like them! We just sat Weston in the front of the cart this week & I have to say they look so cute sitting in a cart! Except he started getting tired and a little floppy ;) Can't wait to see your Halloweeny weekend pics ;)

    1. Good to know about the cover! I was wondering how big of a pain they'd be to get on, especially while holding a wiggly baby. Maybe I'll hold off for now and see how it goes! Thanks! ;)

  2. Oh & ps. I almost got Weston the boy version of those jammies she is wearing this week! Old Navy, yes? ;)

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