Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Weekend


Another weekend over quicker than I can believe!  On Saturday, we had a nice, quiet day at home.  Tyler had plans but felt a little under the weather so he crashed our girls day - we didn't mind one bit! ;) We spent some time outside getting some (chilly) fresh air, and did a little bit of organizing around the house - a seemingly endless project.  We put away Ellie's baby swing (yep, I cried) and set up her pack 'n play to help keep her toys from completely taking over the house.  We'll see how well that works out. :)

After Ellie went to bed on Saturday night, I set up for our little Halloween breakfast!  There wasn't much to do - I made a kitty banner for her highchair, hung up a tissue tassel garland, and brought in some of the pumpkins from the living room.  I also made Ellie a pumpkin koozie for her bottle. It ended up being a complete joke because I decided to use scotch tape to hold it together instead of glue so it pretty much just all fell apart...  But, I still think the idea is pretty cute!  I also laid out her kitty ears + jammies to change into after she ate her messy breakfast first thing in the morning.

Ellie was up before the sun on Sunday morning (per usual) so I fed her and we hung out for a while.  Once it was a reasonable hour for a Sunday morning, Tyler got up and made us breakfast while Ellie + I dance partied in the kitchen. We tried making those candy corn waffles, but the colors just kind of all ran together.  Nevertheless, they were delicious. :)  Later on, we carved Ellie's first pumpkin!  I told Tyler what I wanted, and he carved away (so as cute as it is, I can't really take credit for it) - man of my festive dreams. ;)  I'm slightly afraid of knifes for whatever reason, plus I have no patience for something like that, so Tyler went to town and I am obsessed  to say the least. I added the ears and whiskers (he drilled holes for the pipe cleaners), and of course had to set it up with a beer for a photo-op. We spent the rest of the day watching football, spending a little bit of time outside and just relaxing. 

I love doing festive things with my babe even if she totally won't remember any of it - at least we know there will be pictures to prove it! ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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  2. So I managed to delete my first comment (with the help of Weston attacking my phone ;)) Anywho!! You & your festivity are so cute. Love that little kitty girl & she looks so cute bundled up in the stroller. The baby bottle koozie is such a cute idea!


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