Thursday, October 29, 2015

Post-Baby Bod

Oh, the joys of the post-baby body.  I honestly didn't even think too much of it when I was pregnant, but now that the time is here, the changes are very evident to me.  They might be things that only I (and Tyler) would notice, but there are definitely some differences. 

 In the few weeks after Ellie was born, I remember being scared that my stomach would stay in that weird there's no baby in my belly but I still have a tiny bump and a whole lot of jiggle going on status forever.  It took a few months for my pre-pregnancy pants to fit me again and I was frequently frustrated when trying to find something to wear.  When I went to visit my OB for my six week postpartum appointment, I remember her asking me if I had "looked down there" yet.  I said no (hells to the nope, lady), and she just kind of smiled.  Other than too many, I don't know how many stitches I had after Ellie was born.  All I know is that it felt like they were sewing an entire king-sized quilt together when they were stitching me up, and that it was painful to walk/sit down/stand up for the next two weeks.  The last thing I wanted to do was take a peek down there in my spare time.  

Luckily, wounds heal, baby weight slowly disappears, and stretchmarks fade.  Okay, maybe in a perfect world they do! ;)  Maybe some women bounce back immediately and look like nothing has happened, but I'm guessing the majority of women have at least one lingering sign that they endured pregnancy and giving birth (breastfeeding, too!).  I sometimes wonder what will change after two, three babies and would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous that I won't be able to lose the baby weight as easily next time around, or maybe end up with a belly covered in stretch marks.  I have found myself thinking "oh man, that looks different now" on more than one occasion and I have gotten a little bummed out about it.  But then I think about everything my body has been through in the past year, and it's pretty crazy and kind of cool.  They're my "mom scars" and I'm proud to have them.  They brought me our baby girl, the best gift in the entire world.  

I've seen these photos as well as some similar ones shared a bunch, but wanted to share again in case you haven't seen them.  So, here's to embracing our "mom bods", ladies!  We did earn them after all. ;)

As a reminder of all the crazy things your body can do (and a little TBT), I'll leave you with a couple bump shots taken just days before Ellie was born.

What is that? I think she was trying to tell me she was ready to come out. :)

We're so close to Friday, I can practically taste it!  Who's ready for Meow-lloween weekend?!


  1. Ohhh the Mom bod!! So not glamorous! After Isla I was like oh that's not soooo bad (after the MAJOR flappy/jiggly aftermath feeling started to fade) and I really didn't even have any stretch marks. But then with Weston OH MY it's not good! Definitely acquired some during that fellas pregnancy--yikes! Of course, they've faded some...but they're certainly still there! Don't get me started on the boobs...! The overall Mom bod vibes have hit me much harder the second time--not to scare you or anything ;) but who really cares, right? They're totally worth it!!

    1. Lol! Yep, my boobs totally look like they had the life sucked out of them, especially now that I'm done nursing. Yikes is all I can say. I have a strong feeling I won't get as lucky in the stretch mark department next time around either! Those cuties are definitely worth it.. But oh man! ;)


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