Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Six Months of Ellia

Age: Six months - cant believe we're halfway to one year old already! 
Height: 26.5 inches 
Weight: 14 lbs 14 oz
Clothing size: Primarily 3-6 months but will soon be grown out of her pants and jammies.
Diaper size: 3
Eating: Fully on formula and loving solid foods!  Our doctor gave us the "okay" to try just about anything now (not just baby foods), so I'm excited to start incorporating some more foods into her diet.  She suggested soft noodles as one of the first foods to try, so maybe we'll try that soon.  I'm sure I'll be having a minor heart attack watching her eat "non-baby" foods for the first time, even if they're super soft and chopped up into tiny bites - hashtag helicopter mom.  ;)   She also suggested we try out a sippy cup - what?! BIG GIRL status.  It feels like she's really turning into such a tiny little human now.
Sleeping: It seems like we're finally on some kind of sleep schedule!  She's typically asleep by 9 pm, wakes up once in the 3:00 hour for about a half hour (sometimes she has a bottle, others I can just hold her until she falls back asleep), and is up for the day between 5-6 am.  That's not to say that we don't have the occasional bat shit newborn kind of crazy night, but it's usually pretty good now.  Naps are still sporadic, and she typically just naps in our bed.  How my mother-in-law can somehow get her to sleep in her crib for two hours at a time, I'm not exactly sure...
Favorite toys:  Other than Sophie, anything that lights up and talks is an Ellie favorite.  I plan on putting together our five + six month baby faves soon. :)
Loves: Eating. Moving around constantly - girlfriend can't sit still.  Cuddles until she falls asleep.  Being held 95% of her waking hours.  Her kitties.  Being outside.  Tickles.  When her daddy gets home from work.  Grabbing anything and everything she can and immediately putting it in her mouth.  Music + mommy's dancing.  Airplane rides + any kind of being thrown around in the air.  Funny faces.  Stroller rides.  Bath time.  Her pacifiers (the key to sleep around here!).

Ellie is seriously growing so much so fast, it's crazy.  Her hair is really coming in now, although it's kind of hard to see on camera because it's pretty light - her doctor even commented on how much it's changed since her last appointment.  She's a pretty steady sitter and you can tell she loves getting to see things from a different angle. She almost always rolls onto her belly when we're changing her diaper so we have learned to put them on backwards.  Same with getting dressed, which can sometimes lead to a minor meltdown (unfortunately for mama, who would love to play dress-up with her all day long).  She's such a love bug and we're pretty certain she's going to be a wild child when she can start running around - always wanting to be on the go and kicking her legs like crazy.  We can't wait to see what comes in the next month!

Happy half birthday, girlfriend!  We love you more than words can say. XO

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