Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Merry + Bright Christmas Tree

Meet Ellie's new uniform for the next 36 days.

Oh look, another Christmas post!  Can't say you weren't warned. :)

I'm so excited to be getting a real tree this year after two years of using our artificial one.  I know I will probably be kicking myself when we're drowning in both cat fur + pine needles throughout the month of December, but there's just something special about getting a real one.  I have some very fond memories of going to get our first tree together when we lived in our first apartment - we definitely put a real tree inside of Tyler's tiny Honda Accord.  I had to sit in the back seat for it to fit, and we both likely would have been goners if we had gotten into an accident.  I'll leave it up to you to determine whose idea it was to go get the tree in the first place. ;)  Hint: it was not the man who was probably cursing my name while he was finding pine needles in his car for God knows how long.  That's love right there, guys.

Most of our ornaments have more of a rustic-y feel with lots of red, golds and silvers, but this year I want to go the colorful route!  I've got four big containers of those big colorful ball ornaments from Target (like this one) sitting in our basement so I'll definitely be putting some of those to use.  I also picked up a few new ornaments from West Elm and Target to add to our tree this year, and I had to get this little set from Terrain that I can't stop staring at - too pretty for words right?!  I'm on the fence about just white lights or white + color, so I think I'm going to try both and see how it looks.  Other than a colorful mess, I'm not sure what our tree will end up looking like but am definitely inspired by some of my new additions.  Tyler leaves the Christmas tree up to me (you know - other than the buying, putting in the truck, carrying in the house, setting up in the stand, and disposing of on December 26th), so I'm looking forward to having a little fun with it.  You can see some of my tree trimming and other Christmas color inspiration on my Pinterest board, but here's some of the decor I'm loving!

Beautiful Christmas tree decorating inspiration to bring out the magic of the holidays in your home.
I'm dreaming of a PINK Christmas!:
Holiday Decor: What's Your Style Pt. 2:
Five homemade holiday garlands to make this season— Including this glamorous ornament garland:

one // two // three // four // five

You'll notice a pink trend going on... maybe we'll do a pink tree in Ellie's room one year!  In the meantime, Santa is most definitely going to be delivering pink + gold wrapped presents for a certain mostly well-behaved little lady. ;)  I'm sure you've all realized that Target is killing it with Christmas everything this season - some things were already a little picked over at ours, so be sure to head there soon if you have your eye on anything!

I've been putting our tree up the day after Thanksgiving the past few years so that's the plan this time around, too.  In other words - next Friday.  What?!  I can't stress enough how fast time is flying.  I feel like it just turned 2015 last month!  So much excitement though - in case you couldn't tell. :)  And if these antlers didn't fall off Ellie's head every time she looked down, you know she would be wearing them to the Christmas tree farm. ;)

We're clearly ready to deck the halls over here!  How about you?!  


  1. I cannot begin to explain how badly I wish you were close to a Hobby Lobby! The amount of Christmas stuff they have is insane & I love it all! Love the stuff you picked!! We are doing a little Christmas tree in Isla's room this year with a pretty similar theme ;) Love that little candy cane girl of yours!

    1. Ahh, I know! I definitely blew my non-existent Christmas tree budget already so it's probably for the best haha. Can't wait to see Isla's tree :)


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