Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Baby Faves: Five + Six Months

Another two months down!  Here's an update on some of our favorite things:

VTech cube - This thing is SO annoying but Ellie loves it.  It's currently on the fritz, not sure if it's batteries or Ellie's beatings, but either way I'd still recommend it.  It's noisy, lights up, and there is "fun on five sides," as you will quickly find out.  Any toys that light up and make noise are great at this age!

H&M leggings - These leggings are probably my favorite because they don't ride up as much on chunky baby legs as most of Ellie's others do.  They're cute and very reasonably priced, plus they fall under H&M's buy two get one basics.

OXO bottle brush - I just threw this one in the trash because it was very well used and got a new, different one, and am already regretting it.  It fits so well into the Medela bottles, which have a pretty small opening - it's a definite must if you're using those/similar bottles!

Sophie - I know I included her last time, but Ellie really loves her now.  She goes everywhere with us these days and is definitely her favorite teether.  Plus she's cute. ;)

Umbrella stroller - Perfect for walks with a baby who can at least kind of sit up on her own.  It's super lightweight, meaning I can carry it and Ellie in and out of the house on my own in one trip.  We do lots of laps around the yard/driveway and always use this one instead of the bigger stroller we have. We also do lots of laps inside the house when she's cranky and won't take a nap.  It's typically a good way to get her to sleep when nothing else works!

Board books - Little Blue Truck is one of Ellie's faves, but she really likes reading all of her books.  Board books are especially great because she doesn't have to be gentle with them, which is not one of her strong points. ;)  We also of course read Goodnight Moon every night (or change the words to Good Morning Sun if we read it in the morning).

Food pouches - We've tried a few different brands and have really liked them all.  Ellie eats a lot of the regular Gerber foods too, but I really liked how the pouches offered a little more variety in Stage 1 foods.  Plus, they're easy to feed to your baby and a little less messy.  Unless you hand them over to your baby like I do, then not so much on the less messy factor.

Summer Infant baby monitor - Even though Ellie doesn't sleep in her own room (yet), we still use our monitor all the time.  It gives me a little more peace of mind to be able to watch her sleeping when I'm downstairs switching laundry, eating lunch, whatever.  Our house is small enough that we can easily hear when she's up, but sometimes she rolls onto her face and I get paranoid and flip her over, so it's nice to be able to take a peek at what she's up to every so often.

She also loves her exersaucer.  I can't find the exact one she has, but I'm sure any one would do!  Also not included above are our cats - lucky little felines they are! ;)

We're still loving all of our past baby faves, too - you can find them here:

Any favorite products for the months ahead of us?  I'm always on the lookout for new things to try! :)


  1. Love all these! McKenna is totally really starting to love Sophie! We have the same book, agreed on that it is heavy duty. I laughed out loud when reading you stroll her around your house, things we do for our babes to sleep.

    1. Sophie is the best! And so is that stroller haha! It's a little silly but it works like a charm. ;)

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