Monday, November 16, 2015

Ellia's Christmas List

So, I know I said I loved playing Santa, and I do, but... the amount of time I have spent thinking about Ellie's Christmas gifts is a little insane - mostly because I was trying to pick things out that she'll either 1.) actually enjoy or 2.) actually needs, without spending a fortune (everything adds up so quickly!)... while keeping in mind that she is just a baby and will probably love eating the wrapping paper more than anything we give her.  Babies can be tough but I am definitely going to try to snag a few things that Ellie can grow into and will last longer than just the next couple months.  After lots of searching, I've actually started to make some purchases this weekend and it feels good to be getting some of our shopping done!  Here's what will be under the tree for our little lady on Christmas morning. :) (Disclaimer: I'm sharing in hopes that it helps you think of gifts for any littles in your life, not to shove all of the stuff we're buying our child in your face so please don't think that's what I'm trying to do).
jammies // flamingo // i had a favorite dress book // doll // ellie book // pound + tap bench // knee socks // sled 
**link for socks has been updated - sorry!!**

Those jammies came in the mail this week and have already been washed, so needless to say they will likely not make to the tree.  I wanted to include them here anyway because pjs are very important in our house and I think they make great gifts!  A cute and cozy pair that doesn't scream "Christmas" is perfect in my book.

I was psyched to find those knee socks on Amazon and for so much cheaper than anywhere else I've seen them!  If you don't have Amazon Prime, I highly recommend you sign up ASAP - we get  e v e r y t h i n g  from there (diapers, wipes, formula, toys, paper towels, cleaning supplies, rakes... you name it, we buy it)!  Free two-day shipping is the bomb.  The UPS driver who's at our house constantly might not feel the same way. ;)

While we love board books because Ellie can't rip the pages and can chew on them as much as her heart (and gums) desire, we wanted to pick out a couple "big girl" books, too.  Sometimes she really enjoys she chilling out, letting us read to her and the baby books with just a word or two on each page don't quite cut it.  She'll be able to love these books for years to come! :)

A sled, because we live where it snows like crazy - like, feet upon feet of snow last year (unfortunately).  I love that we'll be able to strap her in and pull her around the yard in this little one.

Her first doll that I've had my eyes on before we even knew Ellie was in the belly.  She might not care too much about it this year, but to me it's kind of a sentimental first doll on Christmas kind of thing.  I know, I'm crazy.  If you're in the same nuthouse as me, you can grab a coupon code for this doll here!

Ellie has a few stuffed animals and Olivia (her ostrich, also from Anthro but no longer available) is her fave so I wanted to get her feathered friend to add to Ellie's collection.  If I hadn't already bought Flora and the Flamingo for Ellie, I would wrap it up to gift with the stuffed animal!  I'm a big fan of themed gifts. ;)

Of course, she'll also get a few new toys.  I picked out this tea set with this first tea party book, and Tyler picked out this tool set with this tool book (so she can help daddy do all kinds of projects!). We tried to pick out things that don't take up a huge amount of space because we're already pretty much at capacity over here.  If you have a smaller baby who isn't really able to play with much yet, you could definitely pick out a toy or two in the six month age range if you wanted to have a toy under the tree this year.  Ellie started playing with some of hers between four-five months and we didn't really have much for her to play with at first, so I don't think it'd be a bad idea to put one away for later! 

If you have any gift recommendations, please share! :)

You know I also have to share a few photos from our weekend - we celebrated Tyler's birthday with his fam on Saturday and had a quiet day at home on Sunday.  Lots of fun and lots of food, including ice cream for Miss Ellie both days this weekend. ;)

Both of Ellie's bows she's wearing in these photos are from Isla Ann Inspirations and you can use code ELLIA for free shipping today-11/23!  Happy shopping + happy Monday!

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