Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guy Gift Guide + the Mr.'s Birthday Wishes

It's always been a little tough with Tyler's birthday being so close to Christmas - sometimes I'll get him something big and say it's for both. Is that cheating?? ;)  Anyway, with both birthday and Christmas on my brain, I wanted to share some of my guy gift ideas.  Here are some things that are either already Tyler-approved or I know he would enjoy!

As silly as it sounds, Tyler uses that hat to grill outside when it's dark out and it works like a charm.  That fleece-lined flannel is super warm and doubles as both a shirt and a jacket (perfect for everyday wear or doing work outside in the yard).  The dollar shave club is pretty awesome.  Tyler's been getting the razors for a few years now and he still really likes them.  They're affordable and the automatic shipments are just nice to have.  If you sign up, just get used to the bathroom minutes being a semi-permanent fixture next to your toilet.  That well hung soap on a rope was too good to pass up and it gave Tyler a good laugh, too. We don't have the bear bottle opener, but we have one of these mounted in our kitchen and it's convenient to not have to dig through an overflowing drawer full of kitchen utensils to open a beer... or maybe that's just at our house. ;)  I always, always, always check out etsy for different gift ideas - there are TONS out there!

Tyler will typically pick something out as a gift, but I also like to try to be a little creative and get a few surprises! One year, I filled up a beer crate from this etsy shop (no longer available, but I like this vintage one OR I like this tote, although I'm not exactly sure what he'd do with it afterwards) with a bunch of his stocking stuffers instead of a stocking - obviously, beer was included.

Of course, any tools or anything Patriots or Bruins is always welcome in Tyler's book, too!  I'm not entirely sure what the Mr. will be getting for Christmas this year, so if you have any ideas or things that your guy loves, please share!

Before I go, I want to wish my husband a very, very happy 27th birthday!  Thank you for everything you do for our little family.  Ellie and I love you more than words can say and are so lucky we get to call you our guy!  :) XO


  1. I'm dying about that soap!!! Haha

    1. It's too funny, right?? Makes for the perfect silly stocking stuffer! ;)


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