Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sweet November

November has never been one of my favorite months and Thanksgiving never one of my favorite holidays.  Not to say I didn't feel thankful, but I've always felt like Thanksgiving just kind of got in the way of Christmas (my obvious favorite holiday) because I was so excited for it to get here.  I know, I sound like such a downer, right?  Well, this year feels a little bit different and I'm actually pretty excited for Thanksgiving.  I can hardly wait to dress Ellie up in something cute, take an embarrassing number of pictures, let her sample some real Thanksgiving food, make her watch the parade while we eat cinnamon rolls in our jammies, and give her a million kisses all day long.  My brain is definitely in Christmas-mode but I am by no means trying to rush to December 25th - I'm all about soaking up every last festive drop of the next month and a half.  Thanksgiving and Christmas only come but once a year, and a first holiday only comes once in a LIFETIME.

That being said, I think it's pretty clear that I'm feeling extra thankful this year for so many things (the obvious being our sweet little girl).  We feel so lucky to have the best family + friends (fur babes, too) - not just on Thanksgiving but year-round.  :)  This weekend, we'll have a house full of Tyler's family over to celebrate his birthday which is next Tuesday.  This is the eleventh birthday of his we'll be celebrating together (what?!!) and I'm so happy that Ellie will be here to celebrate with us this year.  Despite the bare trees + grey skies, November is a pretty sweet little month, and between birthday festivities, Thanksgiving, and day-after-Thanksgiving Christmas tree shenanigans, we've got lots to look forward to!

So here's to enjoying every second of the holiday season and doing all kinds of fun things... like "wearing" reindeer antlers to lunch! :)


  1. Love this!! All holidays are much better with a little babe :) Can't wait to see all your pics ;)

    1. For sure!! Brings a whole new level of excitement. I bet it gets even better as they get older. Isla must be looking forward to the holidays! maybe Santa will bring her some more cute outfits hah ;)


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