Monday, December 14, 2015

Baked with Love

I think Christmas cookies are pretty much a staple to the holiday season.  This weekend, Ellie and I made gingerbread cookies together - well, for the most part we did it together.  It took about 28 hours from start time to end time (hence the multiple outfits changes), but she was attached to my hip while I mixed the dough, cookie-cut, and decorated these bad boys!  They totally look like a two year-old made them all by herself, but at least they taste good.   I have a funny feeling Ellie will be even more helpful with cookie baking next year... :)

Please ignore the cat on the table, I promise I sanitized before we laid out the wax paper to roll the dough out.

If I had a recipe to share, I would, but these were made with a little help from Betty Crocker.  The icing is just a simple mix of powdered sugar, cream (we didn't have milk - I know, get to the grocery store instead of making cookies), and a drop or two of vanilla extract.  

Our cookies will certainly not last until Christmas, so I'm on the lookout for a good recipe to try!  We usually bring some over to Tyler's family, plus we'll need to leave some out for Santa this year. :)  Here are a few recipes I've found on Pinterest that I think look tasty!

Chocolate Peppermint Frosted Cookies // Glazed Lemon Cookies // Molasses Cookies // Chocolate Dipped PB Cookies

Word on the street is that Santa is partial to chocolate, so I have a feeling we'll end up going that route.  Any favorite cookie recipes? Please share!


  1. They look yummy! & are honest to goodness way prettier than cookies I've ever made-- haha! I wanna try the dipped pb ones--yum!

    1. Haha aw thanks!! I made something similar to those pb ones one year (although Tyler claims he doesn't remember them) and they were delish! :)


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