Monday, December 7, 2015

Our Fa La La La Weekend

This weekend was a pretty quiet one spent mostly at home, but we did go out for a bit on Sunday to visit with my grandma and sister.  The weather was so nice, especially for December, so we spent some time outside, too - gotta soak it all in before everything is covered in a couple feet of snow.  I wanted to share some pictures of our Christmas decor (there's really not much, we go for the minimalist approach haha), as well as a few Ellie photos from the weekend. :)

Both Ellie + her owl's bows are from our favorite shop, Isla Ann Inspirations.

The garland around our chalkboard was made from approximately one million two inch pieces of tree trimmings and took entirely too long to put together, but I do like how it turned out.  Also, I would love to add to our kitchen counter and make a little hot chocolate bar! We used to have some of our mugs displayed up there, but they were accidentally knocked off by one of our fur babes and half of them broke, so I try to refrain from putting too much stuff up there. 

As I mentioned, we don't have a mantel so I was looking for a place to hang Ellie's stocking.  I came across these ideas on Pinterest, and really liked a few of them.  Obviously I ended up using the branch idea, but also love the idea of hanging stockings on your foot board of your bed! We don't have a foot board, so branch it was. ;)  Tyler grabbed a branch from our woods, and I added some of our tree trimmings around each of the ends (attached with wire Tyler had in the basement).  Only Ellie's stocking is hung this year -  Tyler and I have old stockings that we never fill but I'm hoping to try to snag a couple at the end of the season on sale to use for next year.  I want ones that are somewhat coordinating but not super match-y match-y, so we'll see what I can find!  Ellie's stocking is this one, and I attached two ornaments from this set, as well as this "E" gift topper to add a little something extra! ;)   It's cute, but I still wish I had a mantel.  Funny how I remember saying that I definitely didn't want one when we were house hunting, but now that we don't have one, I definitely do.

Hope you had a good weekend! :)

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