Friday, December 11, 2015


If I do any two (fun) things this weekend, they are as follows:
1.) Take Ellie to the playground.
2.)  Make gingerbread cookies.

First, Ellie hasn't been to the playground yet (what?!).  Mostly because by the time she could sit up, it was already getting cold out.  But, it's supposed to be beautiful December weather here this weekend, like a high of 60 degrees - in Massachusetts, in December (again, what?!).  So, that's high on my priority list!  Ellie is such a little monkey, I'm dying to see what she thinks of the swings! :)

Second, I've been wanting to make gingerbread cookies for months now and haven't quite gotten around to it yet.  I would gladly eat them all twelve months of the year, but only ever maybe make them around Christmas time, so they're extra special (and extra delicious).

I should really also finish start my Christmas shopping.  Other than Ellie, who I finished shopping for long ago, I have only bought one thing - yikes!  I'm already kind of sad that there are only two weekends left before Christmas... why does it seem like the month is FLYING by?  

Also, if you haven't already watched the Instagram Husbands video yet, you must.  It made me laugh out loud while I was brushing my teeth last night.  While I don't end up in front of the camera too often (but you can guarantee when I do it looks a little something like that), I can definitely relate to the husband walking in on the wife "taking a picture of all her stuff" and randomly stopping for a quick photo op.  Glad I'm clearly not alone! ;)

Lastly, a couple Ellie photos that I have yet to share here this week, including one of her helping me with laundry.  I fold, she unfolds - and clearly thinks it's pretty hilarious.  Have a good weekend!! :)

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