Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Day in the Life: Round Two

It's been awhile since our last day in the life post, so I thought I'd do a little update.  Here's what our day on Monday looked like:

6 am // After waking up about ten times during the night (blaming it mostly on Ellie's cough) we're out of bed for the day + eating breakfast as daddy leaves for work.  Here's what's on the menu for today:
6:30 am // Mickey Mouse (seems like he's on all day sometimes??) + playing in the living room.  Lots of crawling around, "petting" the kitties, and taking out all the toys that were nicely packed away the night before.  I build block towers and Ellie enjoys knocking them down.
8 am // Bottle + a nap.  Despite my efforts, she wakes up every time I put her down so here we are on the couch, drinking what is now cold tea and wondering why I left the remote all the way on the other side of the room. The Lion Guard for the 500th time, it is!
9 am // Morning snack (a teething biscuit, some yogurt melts and an apple slice) and some laundry, followed by a bath + dance party.  Then begins the daily wrestling match otherwise known as getting dressed.

11 am // Someone's already hungry for lunch so Lunch Round One it is. Another half a bottle and more toys.

12 pm // Lunch time for mama.  Ellie happily helps me eat my leftover soup from dinner the night before. 
1 pm // It's 30 degrees out but the sun is shining so we head outside for a walk.  Ellie falls asleep after about 20 minutes and sleeps in bed for about 15 before she's up again.  I use the whopping 15 minutes of silence to play with my new kitchen chairs that just got delivered on our doorstep!
2 pm // Lunch Round Two for Ellie since she ate so early.  More toys, books, Mickey + another bottle in here somewhere. We also unpack my diaper bag and repack it three times just for fun.

4:30 pm // Still no good afternoon nap (surprise, surprise). Daddy's working late so we're on our own for a couple more hours.  Climbing the pack n play and chasing kitties for the win!

5 pm // Ellie eats dinner.  We have a dance party and I tell her how much I love her and thank her for a good day together at least twenty-five times.
6 pm // Another bottle and out for the night at 6:25, just as daddy's pulling down the driveway.

7 pm // Tyler and I eat a quick dinner (i.e. whatever is in the fridge), catch up on our days, and he helps me set up our new chairs + rug in the kitchen - YAY!

8 pm // I jump in the shower, put on my pjs, clean up toys and check out Pinterest before falling asleep by 9:30.

Nothing too exciting but the days always seem to fly by.  Days that I work are obviously a bit different... my alarm goes off at 5 am and Ellie is usually up within minutes of me getting out of bed if she's not up already.  She and Tyler hangout and he tries to feed her breakfast (sometimes she doesn't want to eat a lot that early), and I spend the next 45 minutes getting done as possible to get ready for work.  Typically, I'll be able to take my shower, do my makeup, get dressed (and iron my clothes if needed), and "do my hair" (i.e. brush it and let it air dry - I used to straighten or curl my hair every day for work.  That happens maybe once every two months now).  Tyler needs to get in the shower around 5:45 so Ellie and I will usually keep him company while he gets ready for work.  She loves, LOVES the Keurig for whatever reason, so she always helps daddy make his coffee before he heads out the door around 6:15.  Ellie and I play, we'll share my breakfast and I'll attempt to pack as much of my lunch as possible before our babysitters arrive right around 7:00.  Side note - if you're contemplating at-home care, I can say it definitely works well for us.  Obviously it's a little different for us because either my mom or my mother-in-law are watching Ellie every day, but it's just so convenient not to have to get her ready and out the door in the morning.  They drive an hour+ to be at our house at 7:00 three days a week, so I know it's not convenient for them by any means but it is very much appreciated.  

Anyway... I do any last minute things I need to do and try to be out the door by 7:15.  I spend a significant amount of my workday thinking about Ells (of course) and it always DRAGS.  Tyler is supposed to get out of work at 3:30 so he tries to be home by 4:30.  I try to be home by 6:00 the latest, which is difficult sometimes depending on where I am that day (I travel to different clients most of the time). Assuming we're making something and not just having leftovers or whatever, Tyler usually makes dinner.  We'll put on some music and Ellie + I will do our thing in the kitchen while he cooks.  Tyler will have already fed Ellie most of the time, but she likes to share whatever we're having, too.  We do pjs + a bottle, and try to get Ellie to bed as soon as she starts acting cranky (6:30-7:30ish).  Putting Ellie to bed is one of my favorite parts of the day because she's such a cuddly love bug when she's ready to go to sleep.  I try to get a few things done around the house and then we hangout for the night.  And that's a wrap!

 One thing I left out in my last post:  Why can't I just stay home with my sweet girl every day?! 

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