Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: Mini Swimsuit Edition

In case you haven't noticed, we are definitely daydreaming about summertime over here... and all of the ridiculously cute swimwear hitting the virtual shelves is not helping!  I already ordered one bathing suit for Ellie, and of course had to try it on her even though there's snow outside.  It's super cute, but unfortunately (or maybe it's actually fortunately) I'm guessing she will outgrow it by the end of summer so we may need to pick up a second in a bigger size! ;)  I told myself I would only get her one (maybe two) because I'm guessing she will just be running in and out of her kiddie pool in her diaper.  Or nude... but I'm hoping she'll wear it for me on occasion.  Plus, I'm sure we'll be going over to my aunt's pool, and I'm dying to take her to the beach!  I'm imagining that taking a fifteen month old to the beach will likely mean that my day will be spent making sure she doesn't eat sand, seashells + cigarette butts, but that's not going to stop me from attempting to have a little fun. We live just about an hour away from some very pretty beaches so it's perfect for a quick day trip. I can't hardly wait to see Ellie's reaction to the ocean waves crashing on her tiny toes for the first time! :)

Since my mind is off somewhere sitting in a Corona commercial right now, I've rounded up a small fraction of the crazy cute swimwear and accessories for baby + toddler girls!

Some of these items are available for bigger girls as well - what are the odds that I could fit into those two dresses?! ;) SO adorable.  Rashguards or suits with sleeves are also great because they add a little extra protection from the sun if you're outside all the time like I'm sure we will be.  There are tons of cute ones, my favorites might be this striped one and this floral one.

For boys, I like these double-striped board shorts, this hat and these aviators.  I also like these camo board shorts because Tyler has a pair very similar to them.  Yes, if we ever have a boy I will totally be that mom to coordinate baby boy's attire with daddy's. :)

I also love this beach towel!  I could probably buy five at Target for the same price as one of those, but maybe it'll go on sale?

It's actually supposed to be in the mid-fifties here early next week, so kind of a little glimpse of spring?!  In the meantime, we'll be counting down the days until summer when it's too hot + humid to breathe or sleep at night.  Summertime is my favorite.

Hope you have a good weekend! :)

P.S. There is a HUGE sale going on at Baby Gap right now - up to 40% off everything (including sleepwear which never happens), plus an extra 20% off using code KBTREAT!

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