Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

I am SO excited that it's Friday once again! :)

The other morning, I put our morning snacks in this little tray to have a picnic on our living room floor.  Ellie ate all of her snacks, demanded half of mine, almost Gronk spiked my entire mug of steaming hot coffee on both of us + the white blanket, and then proceeded to climb right into the basket and make herself at home.  Her extensive list of nicknames which include Ellie Tornado, Ellie-nado and Tornado Ellie (like Tornado Alley, get it?) are very fitting these days.

I grabbed the cutest leopard print slippers from J.Crew for Ells!  They are on super sale (originally $50..???), so I couldn't resist.  I bought the smallest size they have, which if I did my size chart comparisons correctly, is similar-ish to the 18-24 month size at Old Navy.  I'm hoping they fit her sometime next Fall/Winter, so really anytime between Labor Day and Memorial Day around here.  The best part?  Even Tyler said they were cute.  The gold glitter tote I pulled out of the box did not get the same reaction from him, go figure. ;)  I also got a few pairs of the cutest bloomers at a steal (less than $7 a pair) - perfect for summer time or wearing with tights in the cooler (freezing cold) weather! :) Use code GETSHOPPING for an additional 40-50% off sale items!

You can also get an extra 40% off sale items at Ruche (using code EXTRA40), which is one of my favorite stores to check out and always my go-to when I'm looking for a dress for any occasion!  They have some really cute and different things... perfect for those rare instances when I buy clothes for myself these days.

I mentioned having sparklers on Valentine's Day last week, and found a bunch of super cute sparklers here.  I am also keeping this place in mind for Ellie's birthday!  Since her birthday is on a Tuesday this year, I want to have a celebration just the three of us on her actual birthday and am thinking sparklers would be a fun addition.  The last time Tyler and I had sparklers, we used an entire pack trying to write things out with them (him) while taking pictures (me) - guess whose idea that was? ;)  He loves me, guys!

Since we didn't really have any plates or bowls for Ellie yet, I picked out this set and it came in the mail the other day.  I love all the different colors - perfect to mix and match for any holiday, or just fun for when she can pick out her own color for each meal! I'd also like to get a few of these equally fun + colorful divided plates.

I really like having a solid white comforter (although ours is permanently covered in cat fur) but this watercolor quilt set caught my eye.  It'd definitely be nice just to have an extra blanket to use around the house or on our bed, especially in cases where our child pees on our bed for the five hundredth time while trying to escape a diaper change.  It would also make for good fort building. ;)  Add in a couple matching pillows and you're good to go.  But let's be real, all of Target home goods are always awesome.  Code REFRESH is a tiered discount and you can save up to $25!

I've been asked about Ellie's nightlight a few items and it was out of stock for the longest time but is back now!  It'd be a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your littles.

On a completely unrelated note... We're trying harder (or maybe this should say are going to try because we're completely failing at it so far) not to swear so much around Ellie.  Somehow curse words have just become second nature and part of our every day (every conversation?) vocabulary.  While "mumma" is still the only word Ellie says, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if some of her next words include something mildly wildly inappropriate for a sweet baby to say... I'm sure my MIL would be horrified to say the least.  The other day Tyler said we should set up a swear jar and made the mistake of saying that the money would go to Ellie's summer wardrobe.  My response was "hellz yeah" (like the true gangsta that I am), which isn't that bad of a saying but I wouldn't want Ellie saying it so we'll count it for all intents and purposes.  "Hellz yeah" was quickly followed by "oh shit" when I realized what I had just said... and I think I racked up another five dollars within the next half hour without even thinking about it.  Tyler quickly changed his mind on the purpose of the swear jar to his future garage fund. ;)  Tips on how to learn to censor ourselves a bit are welcome because it's actually a lot harder than I imagined it would be. 

Happy Friday + happy (almost) weekend from this little cutie who looks so sick of my mama-razzi antics in this photo, it's not even funny. ;)


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