Friday, January 15, 2016

Love is Sweet: Valentine's Party Ideas

As always, I'm totally building up our "party" into something it's not going to be... but a girl can dream, right?  There are SO many cute Valentine's Day party supplies + ideas out there, it was so tough narrowing this list down but here are some of my cutest festive finds! 

Tyler already mentioned heart shaped pancakes all on his own because he knows the way to my heart.  He just free hands them (I can't flip pancakes to save my life), but I thought those rings were pretty cool and they could be used for so many different things.  I feel like cupcakes are a must on Valentine's Day and that is something that is right up my alley - extra sprinkles, please!  We will definitely be getting some heart-shaped balloons, and my festive life would be made if we had heart-shaped sparklers (out in the snow?!) - so to my dear husband, if you're looking to get me a Valentine's gift, breakfast, sparklers and sledding would be more than enough.  Followed by another living room fort movie marathon?  And a massage?  And a full night of sleep?  Pushing my luck? :)

Pinterest is full of ideas if you're looking for some festive food inspiration.  My heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw these Cupid's donut hole arrows.  You can also do so many things if you pick up some letter cookie cutters - spelling LOVE or XO with just about anything that they can cut through, not just cookies! You can also use them for just about any holiday and birthdays too so they're not a complete waste of money.  While I do hope to bring a little extra festiveness and love to every day over the next month, the best part of Valentine's Day this year is that it's on a weekend so we can spend the whole day together! :) 

It's Friday today so I have just a couple other favorites to share - if you follow Candy Kirby Designs on Instagram, you probably already saw all the pretty new colors for everything, but I am in love!  I'm a sucker for any kind of color gradient so when she posted new colors of the rainbow each day I was obsessed to say the least.  My favorites of course are the knotted baby gowns for tiny babes (loving this gender neutral moss color and all the greys), but I also love the bloomers and am thinking about putting a pair in Ellie's Easter basket while I can still get away with stuff like that. ;)  Chubby thighs in bloomers, no shirt and a spout of a ponytail on her head, likely with watermelon or some kind of messy food all over her face is how I picture her running around this summer. And I can't. even. wait.  

Other favorites this week include these princess bunny jams and this blog post about all the postpartum things - a must-read and totally hits the nail on the head.

Lastly, the moment Ellie realized my cereal was food - biggest smile ever followed by a "you serious, Clark?" look when I took it away after she tried shoveling it in her mouth.

Have a good weekend! :)

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