Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Motherhood Musings

A completely random collection of things that go through my mind all the time lately:

1.) A good nap is a privilege not a right.  Never take one for granted.  Same goes for finishing a hot cup of coffee while it's hot.

2.)  Why didn't I realize how good I had it when Ellie couldn't move during her diaper changes? Or even when she just rolled over?  Add in sitting up + crawling away (with a poop-caked butt) and you've got a recipe for disaster.  Also, when did getting Ellie dressed turn into an Olympic event? Will she ever outgrow this stage? Why is it so torturous for her? Just sit still, Ells!!

3.) No matter how good our day was, the moment daddy walks through the door is definitely one of the best.

4.)  I have the most patient cats in the entire world.  Bless their little kitty souls. As Ellie grabs a fist full of fur or slaps them across the face for the tenth time of the day. 

5.)  There is no such thing as too many pacifiers.  We must have a dozen but the moment when I really need one?  Nowhere to be found.  And then it's the end. of. the. world.

6.)  Feeding Ellie real solid foods (not purées) for the first time might be one of the scariest things ever.  How does she even know how to chew?  Let me break these tiny pieces up into even tinier pieces (i.e. you might be able to see them with a magnifying glass, maybe), just in case.

7.)  How do we always have so much laundry? By the time I get the last load folded from three days ago, there are three more loads that need to go into the wash.

8.) How long have Tyler and I been watching the Disney channel alone?  Why are we getting sucked into Sofia the First??

9.) Am I doing all the right things? What does Ellie think of me? What does she think of anything?  Does she miss me when I'm gone?

10.) I should really go to bed when Ellie does but instead am going to stay up and do all the things and kick myself when my fist to the eye socket alarm clock goes off at God knows what time.  But hey, at least I have plenty of ideas for her first birthday on my Pinterest board. #timewellspent. Also, we really need to get Ellie in her crib. Yes, she's still sleeping in our bed. Oy!

11.)  No matter what, at the end of the day I still want one million a couple more of these little gremlins running around.  Ellie is the best girl ever + makes my heart so full! Mom life is the best life.

Stay tuned for an updated day in the life post coming later this week!  I fully documented our Monday together with that in mind but was way too tired to go through all of the pictures last night before bed. Hope you're having a great week!

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