Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Weekend

I can't believe my vacation is almost over and I'll be back at work on Wednesday - SO sad, it totally flew by.  We're officially in my three least favorite months of the year (how glass half full of me, I know), but I'm pretty certain they are going to go by quickly because that just seems to be how things have been going for the last eight months!  Plus, my little sidekick is certain to brighten the gloomy, freezing cold, winter days. ;)

We had a pretty quiet weekend over here.  Friday was New Year's Day so Tyler was off from work again, which is always nice.  We went to Target and Stop + Stop in the afternoon, after we took my car through the car wash... Ellie's first time in the car wash?  I kind of wish I had videotaped her reaction.  "Confused" might not do it justice - too cute.  Anyway, Target had all of their Valentine's Day stuff out and everything is adorable! I did use a little self control and not get too much stuff, but I urge you to go check out the dollar spot if you haven't already!  Some really cute finds, including this little heart bowl that I love.  It got me in the Valentine's Day mood for sure, and I'm working on picking out a few of my festive faves to share soon!

Ells prefers her porks loose at all times...
On Saturday, Ellie and I took a nice little nap and I woke up to this....

In the afternoon, my parents watched Ellie so Tyler and I could go out to eat (thanks again, Mom + Dad!).  And Sunday was spent at home in our jammies. We caught up on a little bit of laundry (+ did a little laundry basket surfing), made a home-cooked dinner that we had been craving, and just hung out.  Those are my favorite kinds of days. :)

We are also in the process of baby-proofing the house (hence the missing coffee table), which is a little harder than I imagined it would be!  Just when you think you're in the clear, Ellie finds something new to climb.  She is all over the place and moves as quick and stealthily as a ninja, I swear. ;)

Hope you had a good long weekend! :)

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